Hand Sanitizer Factory

We have modern factories with international standards, automated production workshops and professional laboratories. Our huge production capacity can meet the needs of global market. At present, our hand sanitizer has been exported to more than 150 countries. They all have third-party test reports and international certificates. The product can effectively kill 99.99% of harmful germs. You can customize hand sanitizers of various fragrances and specifications according to your needs.

Production capacity of Hand Sanitizers:

3 million bottles per day

Categories of Hand Sanitizers:

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer, Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Wipes Factory

We have 2 factories with an area of more than 10,000 square meters and a few fully automatic production workshops. Our huge production capacity can meet the needs of the global market. We control the production of each bag of wipes with high standards, and the raw material ratio is strictly based on data. We can produce wipes of various specifications. At the same time, you can customize wipes of various fragrances and added hand protection ingredients according to your needs. This product can effectively kill 99.99% of harmful germs, and has third-party test reports and international certificates.

Production capacity of Wipes:

3 million bags per day

1 million canisters per day

Categories of Wipes:

Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes, Alcohol-Free Sanitizing Wipes, Dry Wipes, Baby Wipes

Washing Powder Factory

At present, we have two washing powder factories. We can meet customer needs at anytime and anywhere, such as various specifications (30g, 125g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 6kg, 25kg, etc.), different fragrances (Lemon, Jasmine, Floral, etc.), customized speckles, active matter, packaging material and so on. OEM/ODM services are available worldwide, help you turn your business idea into reality.

Production capacity of Washing Powder:

200,000+ tons per year

Categories of Washing Powder:

Regular Washing Powder, Concentrated Washing Powder, Powder Cleaner

Specifications of Washing powder:

30g, 125g, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 6kg, 25kg

Soap Factory

We can provide different kinds of soaps according to your different requirements, including beauty soap, laundry soap, toilet soap, etc. Customized specifications, modules, fragrances, packaging material are all available.

Production facility:

We use the most advanced soap production line in China. With professional technician and advanced formula, we can provide you the superior quality products.

Production capacity of Soaps:

50,000 tons per year

Categories of Soaps:

Toilet Soap, Bath Soap, Beauty Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Laundry Soap, Multipurpose Soap

Specifications of Soaps:

Beauty Soap: 75/85/90/95/125/150/175/200g

Laundry Soap: 90/110/150/200/202/300g

Package type:

Plastic bag package, shrink plastic wrap, box package, paper wrap

Liquid Detergent Factory

Liquid detergents are among our main exporting products. Our factory is equipped with the advanced equipment with professional workers to control each process.

Detergent Production Process:

1. New order: When we receive a new order for detergents, we will forward the request to our R&D department. Our technicians will make multiple samples to test its function and stability, and then develop the most suitable formula.

2. Once the formula is established, the purchasing agent will list the purchasing list. Each of our material suppliers has long-term cooperation with us and can professionally produce raw materials. When the material arrives, our professional quality control experts will inspect the material, such as bottle drop test, leak test, etc. Every step is to ensure product quality.

3. After the test, the material will be sent to the workshop. During the production process, our quality inspectors will conduct random inspections on samples to ensure the overall quality of the goods.

4. During the last shipment, our managers will be on site to ensure the most reasonable loading.

Production capacity of Liquid Detergents:

1 million tons per year

Categories of Liquid Detergents:

Dishwashing liquid, Hand washing liquid, Laundry liquid, Fabric softener, Household detergents, Disinfectant liquid, Toilet cleaner, Kitchen cleaner, Glass cleaner, Bleach

Aerosols Factory

In the aerosols factory, we produce aerosol products such as insecticide spray, air fresheners, and aerosol cleaners like carpet cleaner, glass cleaner, all propose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and so on.

Production capacity of Aerosols:

100 million bottles per year

Categories of Aerosols:

Insecticide Spray, Air Fresheners, Household Aerosol Cleaners, Personal Care Aerosols, Car Care Aerosols

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