Production Capacity

The highly automatic equipment and advanced quality control progresses give AoGrand the capacity to provide customers high-quality products and full OEM/ODM services. All control points are operated by computers, which can stabilize product quality and production capacity of over 200 kinds of products.

3,000,000+ Bottles of INSTANT HAND SANITIZER per day

3,000,000+ Bags of WIPES per day

200,000+ Tons of WASHING POWDER per year

1,000,000+ Tons of LIQUID DETERGENTS per year

3,000,000+ Boxes of MOSQUITO COILS per year

100,000,000+ Bottles of AEROSOLS per year

Our production base covers an area of nearly 700,000 square meters with advanced production equipment and highly automatic assembly lines. We apply international quality production process and strictly control the ratio of raw materials through data. Each process is strictly implemented in accordance with high standards. Moreover, our international quality control management system perfectly combines modern science and technology with traditional production technology. So our product quality far exceeds international standards.

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