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Can Dish Washing Liquid Be Used?

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-13 18:17:19 1085 aogrand
Dish washing liquid is the rising star of synthetic detergent, used for washing dishes and fruits, vegetables and other things, some also sterilization, sterilization function, very popular with consumers. Dish washing liquid consists of alkyl benzene sulfonate, fatty alcohol polyethylene, and another chemical synthesis, because these chemicals are not necessary to the human body, and after use to avoid a trace residues, authorities believe that dish washing liquid residue, accumulate over a long period in the body, adverse to human body health. Many people think it's unsafe to use dish washing liquid. Actually otherwise, if you choose proper dish washing liquid, you can be more comfortable to use. As we know, it’s important to choose the best dish washing liquid for your family. And how to use dish washing liquid correctly? Now, I'll give you answer.

Whether or not dish washing liquid should be used?

The state has imposed strict sanitary regulations on the quality of detergent products. For example, detergent should not be used in the use of common detergent and enzyme preparations; a number of bacteria should be controlled within the range of hygiene standards; Contains toxic and harmful substances, such as lead, arsenic, and mercury, shall not exceed the relevant provisions; When used for washing fruits and vegetables, it should not affect its color flavor, not destroy its nutrients. There should be no corrosive effect on tableware. Therefore, in line with the national quality inspection standard of dish washing liquid, the safety factor is relatively high. Relatively speaking, the residue of dish washing liquid should be more attention.

How to use dish washing liquid properly?

Dish washing liquid for food have a good ability to remove grease, but the damage to the skin to a certain extent, so the contact time should not be commonly more than 40 minutes (can wear plastic gloves and wash), after use rinse clean with water, and coated with cream, prevent skin aging. The surface of the skin is damaged, should not use washing and cleaning. Wash dishes and dishes with dish washing liquid and rinse with water as much as possible. General, not greasy tableware, need not use dishwashing essence; Fruits and vegetables are generally less detergent; Must use dishwashing essence, should wash clean essence diluted before use, and pay attention to a few times. When washing and washing the tableware, there are two main kinds of washing: when washing the washing, the detergent water will be diluted to 200 ~ 500 times. 2% to 0. The soaking time should be 2 minutes to 5 minutes. After scrubbing with a sponge or cloth, rinse off with flowing water. The cleaning essence is directly poured onto a sponge or a rag, and a small amount of water is rubbed off to scrub the tableware (take note of rubber gloves) and rinse with flowing water. It is recommended to use the second washing method, which is high in washing concentration and good washing effect. Even for heavy oil, it can be washed well. Take the fruits and vegetables as an example, the general step is to rinse the surface of the fruits and vegetables with water before adding the detergent to soak for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Note that the amount of detergent is not too much (the concentration is usually 0. 2 percent or so is appropriate, or follow the use of dishwashing liquid to explain), lest rinse not thoroughly, cause residual; The soaking time also should not be too long, lest washing the essence too much into the fruits and vegetables, leading to the vitamin loss, the nutritional value of the decline. After soaking, rinse two to three times with running water, then pick and cut the fruits and vegetables.

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