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Can Dish Washing Liquid Residue Harm the Body?

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-11 17:28:48 1108 aogrand
We are all familiar with the cleaning, and some of the old people would rather wash the dishes with hot water, water, or even rice bran than clean them because they think dish washing liquid is harmful to their health. Today, we're going to talk about the main chemical components of dish washing liquid and how it affects your body.

Dish washing liquid to remove oil stains, surfactant is the key.

It's important to choose the best dish washing liquid for your family. If you look closely at the main ingredients of dish washing liquid, you'll find a component called surfactant. The cleanser can remove oil stains, can't rely on surfactant help. The surfactant is an organic molecule that is a water-loving, oil-friendly, special structure that can dissolve both water and oil.

Specifically, dish washing liquid decontamination principle is to rely on surfactants in a water medium, to dissolve dirt, emulsification, dispersion, suspension, through the clear water rinse the dirt from the tableware surface separation, to achieve the effect of clean tableware. Of course, in addition to surfactants, dish washing liquid also contain other elements, such as water, fertilizer, essence, etc., also found in some detergent sterilization, can remove some harmful microorganisms.

Is there a problem with dish washing liquid in the market?

For dish washing liquid in the market, the restaurant, according to recent years of supervision departments around the country and the sampling results show that the unqualified detergent products mainly exist: the total content of active matter not up to standard, bacteria overweight, preservatives, formaldehyde, and other issues. 1. The total active content is not up to standard 2. Excessive bacteria 3. Preservative formaldehyde

Does the chemical residue of dish washing liquid can be harmful to health?

It has been found that there are still chemical residue problems in the use of dish washing liquid, which may affect human health directly or indirectly. Indeed, some studies have found that dish washing liquid can potentially harm plants and animals. For example, a certain concentration of dish washing liquid can inhibit the growth of wheat seed germination and seedling. A Large dosage of long - term consumption of detergent can produce obvious reproductive toxicity in male rats. However, this is only an animal and plant test, and whether the chemical residue of detergent is also potentially harmful to the human body, more abundant evidence is needed to prove it. However, we should attach importance to it, such as the use of qualified products produced by regular enterprises, and use correctly and rationally to minimize the harmful effects of dish washing liquid residue on health.

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