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Classification and selection of washing powder

2021-08-12 10:01:11 0 zhaona

Washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent and a chemical agent used for washing clothes. It has a strong decontamination and degreasing effect. The ingredients added in the washing powder are: surfactants, builders, stabilizers, brighteners, flavors and enzymes, etc., mainly in the form of white granules. Washing powder was first invented in 1907 by German Henkel, using borate and silicate as the main raw materials.

In the beginning, the chemical substance-sodium tetrapolypropylene benzene sulfonate-was extracted from petroleum, which was used to make a detergent with better performance than soap. Then phosphate, which softens hard water and improves the decontamination effect of the detergent, is added to the detergent to achieve a good washing effect. Later, manufacturers made detergents into washing powder, which was more convenient to use, carry, store, and transport.

Before we choose washing powder, we must understand the classification of washing powder and choose the type and brand of washing powder that suits our needs.

Washing powder classification

Washing powder is an essential household product. There are three main categories of washing powder currently on the market:

1. Ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder

From the point of view of decontamination ability, it is mainly divided into ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder. Ordinary washing powder has large and loose particles, dissolves quickly, and has rich foam, but it has weak cleaning ability and is not easy to rinse. It is mainly suitable for hand washing. Concentrated washing powder has small particles, high density and less foam, but it has strong detergency (at least twice that of ordinary washing powder). Concentrated washing powder is easy to clean and saves water, which is generally suitable for machine washing.

Usually the same volume of concentrated washing powder is heavier than that of ordinary washing powder, and the volume is also compressed. Concentrated washing powder has a high content of effective active substances, and the volume is reduced by half, which saves packaging and transportation costs and has good social and economic benefits.

CLEACE brand have ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder to meet the different washing needs of consumers.

2. Phosphorus-containing washing powder and phosphorus-free washing powder

From the perspective of phosphorus content, washing powder can be divided into phosphorus-containing washing powder and phosphorus-free washing powder. Phosphorus-containing washing powder uses phosphate as the main builder. Phosphorus-containing washing powder refers to a type of washing powder with phosphate as the main builder. Phosphorus is a nutrient element that easily causes eutrophication of water bodies, thereby destroying water quality and polluting the environment.

Phosphorus-free washing powder is a type of washing powder that does not use phosphate as the main builder. Phosphorus-free washing powder uses 4A zeolite and other non-phosphorus substances as the main builder to reduce the discharge of phosphorus-containing sewage. This kind of washing powder will not cause eutrophication of water quality, and is beneficial to water body protection and ecological environment maintenance.

In order to protect water resources and our health, please buy CLEACE Washing Powder with the "No Phosphorus" logo to protect the clean water and green mountains together!

3. Enzyme-added washing powder and perfumed washing powder

Enzyme-added washing powder is the washing powder with enzymes added to it. Enzyme-added washing powder has excellent cleaning ability on specific dirt (juice, ink, blood stains, milk stains, etc.). At the same time, some of the specific enzymes can also play a role in sterilization, whitening, color protection and brightening. Enzyme-added washing powder can decompose various stains on clothes and is suitable for all kinds of clothes.

Perfumed washing powder means that the washing powder is added with fragrance. Perfumed washing powder can not only satisfy the washing effect, but also let the clothes exude fragrance, which makes clothes more scented and comfortable.

In addition, there are many other types of detergents on the market. High-foam washing powder is the most common type of washing powder. It has a lot of foam and is not easy to clean. It is suitable for hand washing. Low-foam washing powder contains soap ingredients, high effectiveness, less foam. It is easy to rinse and suitable for washing machines. Bleaching washing powder has a bleaching effect in hot water above 60°C and is suitable for washing white clothes. Brightening washing powder contains brightening agent, which can whiten white clothes and brighten colored clothes. When we buy washing powder, we should look for different effects according to our actual needs, and choose washing powder that suits our needs.

CLEACE brand not only produce various types of washing powder, but also provide washing powder OEM and ODM services. The products and services are available in most countries and regions all over the world.

Features of high-quality washing powder

In the past, many consumers only valued the cleansing power of washing powder when choosing washing powder. In other words, it is the ability of washing powder to remove stains and white clothes. However, with the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, the ability of washing powder to eliminate bacteria and mites has also been taken into consideration by many consumers.

Washing powder is a household product that most families use every day. It is closely related to the health of the whole family, so we need to choose carefully. When choosing washing powder, we should not only check whether the washing powder has good quality, but also whether the washing powder will irritate hands or damage clothes.

First of all, check if the washing powder formula deeply dissolves stains and super decontaminates. High-quality washing powder has a safe and effective decontamination function, which can easily wash clothes without worrying about residual problems. At the same time, it does not waste water and effort. It should have excellent sterilization and mite removal performance. Even the unpleasant musty smell on clothes in rainy weather can be completely removed.CLEACE Washing Powder has unique MOC deodorizing technology, which can completely remove bacteria that produce peculiar smell.

Then, check if the washing powder formula is mild and easy to rinse. For families with children, delicate skin of the little ones needs more comprehensive care, so it is necessary to ensure that the washing powder formula is mild. Generally, the pH value test is based on the content of alkaline substances in the washing powder. Whether it hurts hands, it depends on the alkaline degree of the washing powder.CLEACE Washing Powder is neutral and made from mild formulas that do not hurt your hands. Not only that,CLEACE Washing Powder is made of genuine natural plant raw materials and has a safe and effective decontamination function. It also uses a unique low-foam rinsing technology to make it easier to rinse clothes.

Next, check whether it is enzyme-added washing powder. Enzyme is a heat-sensitive substance, and temperature is an important factor affecting enzyme activity. Therefore, the temperature of water with enzyme-added washing powder should be controlled at about 40℃, and washing powder should not be soaked in water above 60℃ to prevent enzyme preparations from losing activity and affecting the decontamination effect. However, enzyme-added washing powder cannot be used to wash wool and silk fabrics containing protein fibers, because enzymes can destroy the structure of protein fibers.

Finally, check whether the washing powder contains active ingredients and synergistic ingredients. The active ingredient is the ingredient that plays the main role in the washing powder. According to the type of the active ingredient used and the category of the product, the amount of active ingredient in the washing powder is generally not less than 13%. The addition of synergistic ingredients in washing powder, especially fluorescent whitening agent, is also an important criterion for choosing washing powder.CLEACE Washing Powder is chlorine-free, phosphorus-free, fluorescent-free, nonylphenol-free, and there is no need to worry about residual harmful ingredients.

The difference between soap powder and washing powder

The soap powder and washing powder we usually use are two different powdered detergents. The active ingredient of soap powder is fatty acid, which is mainly derived from renewable vegetable oils. The solid product is soap, and the powder product is soap powder. The main component of washing powder is anionic surfactant, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, and a small amount of non-ionic surfactants. In the production process, some additives are added, such as phosphate, silicate, sodium sulfate, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc., and it is made by mixing, dusting and other processes.

The difference between laundry liquid and washing powder

The effect of laundry liquid is not as simple as washing away dirt. Unsafe laundry liquid may cause "transdermal toxicity". Transdermal toxicity is a toxin that enters the human body through the skin. In severe cases, it may damage the body's immune system. In order to save costs and overemphasize decontamination capabilities, some manufacturers may use cheap petrochemical ingredients in laundry liquid. It may contain harmful substances such as fluorescent whitening agent, formaldehyde, nonylphenol, dioxane and so on.

It is recommended to use laundry liquid for clothes worn close to the body, wool, silk and other high-end clothing and choose washing powder for dirty and hard-to-wash heavy coats, pants, socks, and other strong fabrics such as cotton, linen, chemical fiber.


CLEACE Washing Powder is refined from natural plant materials, which is gentle and do not hurt hands, and there is no addition of fluorescent brighteners, phosphorus, petrochemicals and other harmful chemicals. It is suitable for washing cotton, linen, chemical fiber and blended fabrics, but not suitable for washing wool, silk and other clothing.CLEACE Washing Powder has strong detergency, good biodegradability and no toxic side effects to the human body. They are the preferred brands of washing powder for consumers and distributors.

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