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Different Fabrics Clothes Different Drying Methods

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2017-08-18 16:10:30 1168 aogrand
After the garment is washed, the general rule of drying is to use different drying methods according to different materials and colors.If you don't pay attention to the drying, the clothes will deform, stain or even yellowing. As a  detergent powder supplier, it is necessary for us to recommend you some different drying methods.

【 1 】 Silk garment:

After washing, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, and the best way is to avoid it. Because silk clothing has poor sunlight performance, it cannot be directly exposed in the sun, otherwise, the fabric will fade and the strength will decrease. Especially if you have darker colors or more colorful clothing. Also, avoid baking silk garments with fire.

【 2 】Woolen clothing:

After washing, it should also be put in cool and ventilated place, which will allow it to air dry naturally and should be turned on the opposite side. Because the surface of the wool fiber is the scale layer, the external natural oil amine film gives the wool fiber a soft sheen. If exposed to the sun, the surface of the film will oxidize due to high temperature, which will seriously affect its appearance and service life.

【 3 】 Sweaters, sweaters, and other knitwear:

To prevent these clothes from being deformed, they can be put into nets after washing and hung in the ventilation to dry. Or use two hangers to hang when drying, to avoid deformation due to overhang; You can also use bamboo poles or plastic tubes to dry the sun. If you have conditions, you can lay them out on other items. In a word, avoid exposure or baking.

【 4 】 Cotton, cotton and linen clothing:

This kind of clothing can be placed directly in the sunlight, because this kind of fiber can hardly decrease in the sunlight, or slightly decrease, but will not deform. However, in order to avoid discoloration, it is best to go out of the way.

【 5 】 Chemical fiber clothes:

Cchemical fiber clothes wash, not to be exposed in the sun. Because of the insolation of acrylic fiber yellow; Polyamide, polypropylene, and artificial fibers are exposed to sunlight, and the fibers age easily. The photochemical cleavage of dacron and veron in the light of solar power is accelerated, which affects the fabric life. So, chemical fiber clothes to dry in the shade for good.

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