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Different Stains With Different Methods to Remove

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2017-09-25 10:09:11 998 aogrand
Daily life inevitably comes with all kinds of stains. In fact, the solution of each kind of stain is different. Our laundry detergent supply various products for you to choose. The following section will introduce you to the solution of common stains. Stains of ballpoint pens: First, look at what the clothes are made of. In general, place a dry towel underneath the stain and gently knead it with a small mane brush. This should be repeated two or three times to basically remove the stain. If there is a small amount of debris left after washing, it can be removed with hot soap or boiling, which can be used in cotton and cotton polyester fabrics.

Blue ink stains: Wash the stain with cold water first, then rub it with soap, brush or scrub, so that some stains can be removed. The stain should be dipped in 2 percent oxalate solution for a few minutes, and then sprinkled with some insurance powder (sodium hyposulfite) to remove the stain after its chemical reaction. Ink stains: Ink stains on clothing can be removed with hot milk or glycerin, and the stain should not be soaked in glycerin for less than an hour. Then rinse with sun-bathed warm water; If the stain is not cleaned thoroughly, wash twice with warm soapy water. Red ink stains: Wash with detergent first, then scrub with 10% alcohol, rinse with clean water, and remove with 0.25% potassium permanganate solution. Apply mustard to the red ink stain for a few hours, and the red ink will fade. Milk stain: the main ingredient of red ink fountain is gum and strong alcohol. If you use a small amount of yogurt or semi-warm fresh milk to wash the clothes with a red fountain pen, you can eliminate 80% of the red ink stains. Use soap and water to scrub. For the most suitable soap, you can choose our soap products. Stains of date toothpaste: apply to the clothes of red ink and water stains, and rub; Paste the paste with white toothpaste and rub it in the stain. Wash with laundry detergent, rinse and remove stains. Remove the stains: apply the right amount of the Juncus roemerianus to the liquid, wash the ink stains with the liquid, then rub it with crushed almonds to remove the stain marks on the clothes that have been contaminated for a long time. Copy paper, crayon color stain: Rub it in a warm detergent solution, then wash it with gasoline and kerosene, then wipe it with alcohol. The print oil stains: With soap and gasoline mixture (water) dip bleaching or coated on the color stains, rub gently, to dissolve and let it fall off, then wash with soap and water. Use bleach insurance powder (used for silk clothing) to remove color stains.

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