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Do You Wash Clothes as Much as You Want?

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2017-07-29 13:34:46 1477 aogrand

Many people are used to storing dirty clothes in a washing machine and washing them in water and washing powder. In fact, when washing laundry, you should put in the washing powder first. Since it is a powder, it is not easy to dissolve, and it should be used first to make it more effective, to avoid washing and to leave the residue. The correct way to do this is to dissolve the powder in water first, then put it in the laundry and then wash it in ten minutes. Washing powder is now sold with machine wash and hand washing and should be put into the detergent when washing. When more than regular redundant soap not only failed to increase of washing powder detergency, quickly residue on clothes, not easy to clean, also can stimulate the skin, if the detergent is containing bleaching, excessive use can make more clothes fade, damage. Best Washing Powder:

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