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Get Rid of the Milk Stains

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2017-11-03 10:53:00 1136 aogrand
A lot of mothers should have noticed that children often have milk stains on their clothes. Some milk stains appear to be cleaned, but after a long time, there will be a yellowing condition, the baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, the stain residues may also be harmful to the baby's skin. How do you wash the milk stains on your baby's clothes? Master some cleaning tips, milk stains can be cleaned easily and bring real safety and cleanliness to your baby!

1. Clean the milk with ginger, and it works well. 2. Mash the carrot or white radish and mix it with salt. Apply it to the stain. Rub it with your hands and rinse with water. Because the protein in milk meets the amylase inside the radish, it breaks down and removes the stain. 3. Wash regularly and wash with our best washing powder, because detergent can go to oil, remove stains, and rinse with water. 4. Wash with detergent first, then rinse with a light ammonia solution and rinse with water. 5. Soak in cold water (18 degrees) for 3-60 minutes, then rub with soap or enzyme laundry powder to remove. When the cold water is soaked, a little salt or ammonia can improve the efficiency of the stain. Note: milk stains should be washed in hot water and in high temperatures, the protein in this kind of stains will be firmly combined with the fiber and will not be removed easily.

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