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How to Deal With the Yellowing White Shoes?

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2017-12-14 13:59:50 1263 aogrand
Small white shoes are now popular, but the small white shoe is not a simple thing to clean, especially after cleaning the white shoes may appear the situation of yellowing. I don't know if you have this confusion. A lot of time after cleaning the small white shoe will appear the phenomenon of yellowing, is not particularly nasty? Here's what to say about the little white shoes after washing. As a washing powder, here are some tips for you.

1. Wash with the washed rice.

Why does the little white shoe that washes hind be yellow? Most of them are due to the oxidation of certain components of sunlight and shoes. If you wash them with rice, you can avoid oxidation.

2. Paper bag shoes.

When we clean the white shoes, remember to use toilet paper to hold the shoes, and can not put in the sun, try to choose the cool, ventilated place to dry, avoiding the yellow shoes.

3. Buy a special cleaning agent for small white shoes.

Now online all have a kind of small white shoe special cleanser, can go to yellow easily, still can avoid the circumstance that turns yellow after washing.

4. Nail polish remover.

Use nail polish remover when first need to wash the place of yellow of water of nail of wash of nail, rinse clean again, then wash with paper towel to hang to dry the sun is good.

5. Rinse repeatedly.

Sometimes cleaning detergent shoes can easily react with sunlight, so it is easy to cause shoes yellow, so must be rinsed clean white shoe, remove the detergent residues.



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