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How to Maintain the Brand Clothing?

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2017-08-15 15:51:15 1595 aogrand
For the maintenance of modern clothing brand of high-grade second-highest, washing and clothing when change garments according to the collection, only using the method of scientific reasonable, can prevent clothing gone mouldy, bug eat by moth, broken fold deformation, keep the fabric performance (including appearance, handle, comfort, etc.) and prolong the service life of clothing. As a quality detergent powder supplier, it is necessary for us to introduce you the maintenance of high-end clothing.

1. Keep clean:

Keep the clothes in the rooms or cabinets to keep them clean. No foreign objects and dust should be required to prevent foreign objects and dust from contaminating clothing, and to be disinfected regularly. Contamination of human secretions. After wearing, the clothing will be contaminated by external and human secretions. If these pollutants are not washed in time, long adhesion to the garment, over time will gradually penetrate into the fabric fiber, eventually difficult to clear. In addition, the pollutants in these clothes can contaminate other clothing.

2. Keep it dry:

Keep it dry to improve the relative dryness of the clothing collection. Deposit collection clothing should be dry before, and select the ventilated, dry place, avoid damp and more volatile place, can have moistureproof agent moistureproof, collect should appropriately during storage ventilation and drying.

3. To prevent moth-eaten:

In all kinds of fabric garments, chemical fiber clothes are not easy to be worm-eaten, and natural fabrics of fabrics are easy to be moth-eaten, especially silk and woollen fabrics. Generally use camphor ball in white paper or light coloured gauze wrap wrap, scattered in the box ark around, or put in small cloth bag to hang in the closet.

4. Protective clothing:

Intuitively smooth and clean clothes can give people a strong sense of stereoscopic feeling and comfort. Be sure to protect the shape of the garment so that it does not deform or fold. For shirt underpants and knitwear, you can fold them up and store them, and hang them up with a coat hanger that fits the size of your coat. When hanging, want to put the clothes on the right, prevent deformation, the clothing rack should maintain a certain distance. Don't mess around.

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