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How to Prevent the Skin Allergy Caused by Washing Clothes Residue?

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2017-08-02 14:06:25 1101 aogrand
Washing powder allergy is characterized by the hard hand skin, allergic to alkaline, hand desquamates, pale, easy to fall off, itchy palms fever or after washing clothes, etc., some can cause systemic allergic symptoms.

Enzymatic washing powder is often susceptible to allergies

Because human skin secretion, certain foods, or is the main components of the blood protein substances, and proteolytic enzyme hydrolysis can make the protein of water-insoluble substances into water soluble amino acids, therefore, the enzymatic detergent is much better than general detergent decontamination effect. But with enzyme washing powder in the use of proteolytic enzymes in the process of consumption, sometimes not thoroughly and residue in the clothing, when people wearing the clothes especially close-fitting clothing, due to residual proteolytic enzyme decomposition of protein, skin and cause skin allergy symptoms such as pruritus and erythema papula. Thus, it is vital to choose a suitable washing powder brand, and our CLEACE must be your best choice.

If the skin appears allergic symptom, light many can self-heal, more serious is required to go to hospital to see a doctor. The research shows that the commonly used lotion is harmful to the human liver. The surfactant has long been found to destroy the cuticle of the skin, causing rough skin and is now regarded as a public nuisance to the environment. In addition to absorbing water, the alkaline substances contained in the powerful washing powder can also destroy the human cell membrane and make the tissue protein degeneration. There are too many synthetic fragrances in the fragrant washing powder. The organic chlorine and fluorescent agent contained in whitening washing powder are toxic substances, which can accumulate in the body and cause damage to health. After the skin direct contact with alkaline detergent powder for a long time, the skin on the surface of the weak acid environment will be destroyed, they inhibit the growth of bacteria will disappear, easy to cause itchy skin, even cause symptoms such as allergic dermatitis or pigmentation in the skin. Therefore, in the use of washing powder, the dosage should be appropriate, don't put much, clothing rinse several times more, laundry had better use clear water to soak for a while, when necessary, can also be used boiling water immersion, to destroy the residual enzyme activity, which can prevent allergy. Choose us,so that you don't worry about the skin allergy.

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