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How to Remove Red Wine Stains From White Mulberry Silk?

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2018-01-15 14:18:51 1292 aogrand
Clothes we often accidentally drop to all kinds of stain, but not many removal methods. Sometimes a very beautiful dress for a fast clear stain and had to be shelved. If the stain is more difficult to remove, try using the salt on the stain and soak in cold water. If the stain is still there, wash it with more salt. Soaking in sodas and water is also commonly used. However, what if the mulberry silk is stained with red wine? As a washing powder supplier, I will introduce you some effective methods to remove red wine stains.

1. Dry white wine removes red wine stains from clothing

Dry white wine is the most effective way to solve the red mark. Gently rub white wine on the carpet or upholstery that is contaminated with red wine. Or soak the dirty clothes in the white wine, rinse thoroughly in cold water, wash and clean as usual.

2. Salt removes red wine stains from clothes

Some people are willing to a handful of salt in contaminated with red carpet, carpet, as it could be sucked out of the effective method to some wine, but this kind of method to remove the wine stain color effects are much less.

3. Clean red wine stains

If you accidentally spill the wine on your clothes, wash the spot with cold water so you can wash the wine as much as possible. But stubborn stains may still be retained when washed with a washing machine, especially if you use laundry. There are dark red wines left on the clothes that are washed in cold water, leaving a light blue mark.

4. Detergents wash red wine stains

If the contaminated fabric is unfading and can be cleaned, you can use a few brands of stain remover to effectively deal with the remaining stains of red wine. Most of the detergents can effectively remove the liquor stains. Always store a bottle or a bag of detergents at home for a rainy day.



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