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How to Remove Sweat from Your Clothes?

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2017-08-12 15:35:48 1154 aogrand
We love sweating comrades at ordinary times, go out to work a day, out of the sweat, clothes wet, even washed clothes, also there is always a difficult to get rid of the smell of sweat, stubbornly difficult to go. Today, I'm going to talk to you about how to get rid of this sweat. I hope I can help you.

Ordinary laundry detergent can't remove sweat, but our washing powder price is cheap, and washed clothes have a faint scent that can mask the sweat.

1. Wash with body wash. Since we can't wash the sweat with ordinary washing powder, we'll try the shower gel, which hasn't been tried, but many people say it's useful. And it's not harmful to the body. It's worth a try. The softener is also good.

2.Before you wash your clothes, soak them in salt. This makes some sense, salt can kill bacteria, remove the root of qi flavor, also have certain effect.

3. Keep the body clean, shower and wash clothes frequently. Change the water a few times, make it clean, and don't be lazy.

4. Adjust your diet. Eat foods that are too heavy to eat. For example, fish, garlic, leeks, Onions, etc., reduce the gas flavor to a certain extent.

5. Appropriate use of deodorant, body fragrance, etc. Spend some small money to use the external use of care products, still have certain effect.

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