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How to Wash Coke Stains on the Carpet?

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2017-08-24 16:53:29 1093 aogrand

In daily life, often to make dirty carpet, such as coke stains or other drinks left traces, if every time get on coke stains to homemaking company cleaning, the cost is more expensive, because different wash carpet and other clothes.

The friend who drinks cola, still worried about carpet to have coke stain to wash? Try the following methods, the coke stains on the carpet can be removed easily. As one of soap powder suppliers, the following methods we given are very effective to remove coke stains. If you have a coke stain, it is recommended that you wash it in time so it is easier to clean. Solve the problem of how to wash coke stains and enjoy the cold of coke.

The newly created spots are the easiest to clean. Use a clean cotton towel (dry, non-wet) or napkin to press down on the spot for a few minutes. In this way, most of the liquid is absorbed into a towel or napkin, and the spots are basically dry. Then, sprinkle carpet dry cleaning powder and dust powder in the area contaminated by spots, brush back and forth with soft hands. If the spots have been removed, dust can be removed. If there is a trace, sprinkle dry powder again, with the hand on the spot light pressure, such cleaning effect will be more remarkable. Last vacuum.

As for the spots that have been dry, use a strong stain remover, stain remover on the towel and wash back and forth from different spots. Most of the spots on the carpet will be transferred to the towel. Wipe the stain with a dry towel again to dry the surface. Then, sprinkle some dry cleaning powder and wash the spots in all directions by hand. In general, cleaning in this way can remove many of the spots that have been dried out.


1, Put the detergent (washing powder can also be any cleaner can be, but don't use too much) squeeze in dirty place, then use a toothbrush or little brush gently brush repeatedly, until the coke to brush away the coke stains well off, don't worry about it.

2. Then rub the wet towel over and over again until you feel left out.

3. It's important to remind you not to use too much detergent, or you'll need a lot of water when you clean it in the back, so your carpet will get wet and it's not easy to handle. After the cleanser is removed, use a dry towel to take the water off the carpet and then blow dry the wet area with the hair dryer!

4. It should be explained that if it is silk carpet, antique carpet oneself must not do so. Because silk carpet is more delicate gas, whether use and carpet wash is very exquisite, oneself can not hand wash, lest delay the best decontamination time and enlarge besmirch range. The above decontamination method only applies to chemical fiber carpet and plastic carpet and ordinary pure wool carpet.

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