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How to Wash the Coffee Stains on Your Clothes?

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2017-08-23 16:51:31 1624 aogrand
Like white clean bright, like the thick mellow fragrance of coffee. Drinking coffee has become a daily habit of modern people. A small amount of coffee can be invigorating, cheerful, relieving fatigue and promoting digestion. But once the coffee is spilled on to the white clothes, the worry will follow. As one of soap powder suppliers, I'll teach you how to wash your white clothes.

1. First salvage the clothes that are stained with coffee.

The coffee can be rubbed with lemon or vinegar first, then gently wipe with water, then wash with a neutral detergent, and the stain of coffee can be easily removed.

2. Hand sanitizer.

When the clothes are dry, apply the laundry detergent to completely cover the stain. Leave the laundry to rest for 5 minutes, allow the detergent to fully react with the stain. After 5 minutes, add proper water and wash it properly.

3. Wash with hot water immediately after meeting new coffee stains.

If it's a white shirt, try baking soda. The old coffee stains are wiped with a mixture of glycerin and egg yolks, then cleaned with clean water after a little dry. Or try the following collocation, decontamination more thoroughly

4. Glycerin is a dirty little hand, and mom will never have to worry about the coffee stains on her clothes.

Glycerine + borax. Apply glycerin to the stain, sprinkle with some borax and soak in boiling water.

Glycerine + egg yolk. Use glycerine and egg yolk mixture solution to wipe, rinse after a little dry.

5. Ammonia is also a good thing.

Water of ammonia/borax. Use diluted ammonia, borax and warm water to wipe the area of the coffee.

Ammonia + oxalic acid. Soak in 1 % ammonia water (40 ~ 50 degrees) for 10 minutes, wash with 1 % grass acid, and rinse with laundry detergent.

6. If the coffee time is long

Use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Old coffee stains can be washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and washed with clean water.

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