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Is the Dish Washing Liquid Really Safe?

2019-07-24 15:05:44 1030 aogrand

What do you wash the dishes with? I think a lot of people would say dish washing liquid. But this dish cleaner doesn't seem so safe.

It is said that experiments have concluded that ordinary dishwashing liquid needs to be rinsed 38 times before it is clean, otherwise part of ingredients will absolutely residue in bowls or dishes. There are even rumors that the chemicals in dishwashing liquid can cause cancer.

Today I'd like to recommend a type of safe and practical kitchen dishwashing liquid that will save you the trouble of washing dishes----CLEACE Liquid dish washing. Made from natural ingredients including palm and coconut oils, this biodegradable dishwashing liquid is a powerful cleanser that protects both your hands and the environment. Even the fragrance contained in the product is ecologically friendly and does not contain toxins. Each fragrance is specially prepared by senior perfumers to meet the eco-label safety specifications. The lemon, grape, cherry and grapefruit perfumed are available if you prefer aromatic dish washing liquid.

CLEACE Liquid dish washing is much more useful than usual dish cleaners. It not only possesses the function of efficient cleaning, but also bears the magic power, that is to fully remove oil stains, while general detergents cannot. Here's look at its full range of CLEACE Liquid dish washing. Firstly, remove grease and stains from clothes. CLEACE Liquid dish washing is specially designed to prevent grease and stains on clothes. It is hard to clean when you get a stain on your clothes, even with washing powder or liquid, however, a little dishwashing liquid will make it if you have to wash your clothes after a few days. Secondly, clean comb or hair brush. The comb is not easy to clean when it's been a long time. But, CLEACE Liquid dish washing mixed with water can restore the comb into the original shape. Thirdly, bait and kill fruit flies. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bowl of vinegar. Then, the detergent will reduce surface tension, causing flies to sink and drown. Lastly, cleanse hand-washed clothes. Some laundry detergents are not suitable for hand-washed clothes, like some silk clothes, so they need some gentle detergents to clean them, and then they need CLEACE Liquid dish washing.

Furthermore, the more foam from dish washing liquid, the more water is needed to wash it off. Because using CLEACE Liquid dish washing makes fewer bubbles, it reduces the time it takes to flush and helps conserve one of humanity's most precious resources, water.

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