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Is There Any Harm in Having More Washing Powder in Your Laundry?

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2017-07-27 10:50:22 1169 aogrand

1. There are too many clothes to be damaged, such as wool, cashmere, and animal fibers.

2. The amount of laundry detergent should be used, and too much of it is not easy to clear, which will cause the electricity fee.

3, Must be remaining when rinse clothes to clean and wash the clothes on the clothes because the abs this chemical is easy to be absorbed by the skin, it will be on the human body, especially to children's liver damage is great. Medical research shows that long-term use of high phosphorus and aluminum washing powder, the phosphorus in washing powder will directly affect the human body's absorption of calcium, leading to the absence of calcium or the disease of children. Using high phosphor washing powder, the skin often has a burning sensation, because the high phosphorus detergent changes the acid base environment in the water, making it more alkaline. If you can't wash the clothes removed residual phosphorus (in fact it's tough to do it, because must use water wash clothes at least five minutes to reduce the content of phosphorus), accumulate over an extended period, residual phosphorus in clothes will has a stimulating effect on the skin, especially baby delicate skin;

4,The alkaline strong phosphor washing powder is also liable to damage the fabric, especially the pure cotton and pure hand, which can also be burned for long-term use of the laundry powder which has been utilized for decontamination. Study shows that the detergent in the aluminium salt biological causes chronic poisoning, serious when killing creatures, aluminum in organisms with chemicals, aluminum salt once into the body, the first deposited in the brain, and will not be lost, as the brain of the accumulation of aluminum, causes Alzheimer's disease; Aluminum can accumulate in kidney and other tissues, causing renal failure. Aluminum salt enters the bone marrow, can cause the bone marrow tissue chondrification, causes the child's bone disease; Once inside the blood, iron deficiency anemia can occur. Also, the body of aluminum too much accumulation can also cause liver failure, ovarian atrophy and arthritis, and bronchitis. Of course, quantitative change can cause qualitative change; long-term use contains a luminous detergent especially baby's fabric and underwear, can cause aluminum salt to accumulate in human body easily. Many people have also changed from aluminum to cauldron.

5. It is recommended to use phosphor washing powder. The non-phosphor washing powder is used as the active substance of natural animal and vegetable oil, and it is mixed with a variety of effective surfactant and weak alkaline lotion, which can be effectively decontamination and pollution-free.

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