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2018-01-02 14:08:14 1332 aogrand
In hot summer, most girls wear white T-shirt, white dress, white shirt, but it is difficult to clean them if they are not careful with sweat stains and oil stains. And when washing the white shoes daily, always feel washed not clean, the shoe also can appear the phenomenon of yellowing. So, how do you handle these little laundry problems correctly? As a manufacturer of washing powder , here are some tips on how to clean your clothes.

1. Wash white clothes, white socks

It is difficult to eradicate the stain on white clothing, then take a lemon slice and boil it in water and soak it in water for about 15 minutes.

2. Clean the smell of clothing

Sometimes the clothes will not be allowed to dry, the unpleasant smell of sweat, white vinegar mixed with water, soak the taste of the clothes for about five minutes, then dry the clothes in the ventilation area!

3. Wash white sneakers

Mention white shoes, you may have also had the same vexation -- the white sneaker of hard wash clean, but after the appearance of such a yellow mark, really ugly! Try the trick that a keen audience member can offer so that the white shoes are still bright and white as new. Wash with soap or detergent will shoes clean, soak your washed shoe three minutes in the beer, then took the shoes to the balcony, in the shade, and use toilet paper on the surface of the shoe cover, air! The effect is obvious!

4. Wash the towel

The towel is used long, often meeting wet and sticky, usable salt kneads after kneading, use clean water wash, can remove wet glue thing.

5. Remove pen stains

A friend on the Internet asked "how to remove a fountain pen", as follows: Buy a little bit of oxalic acid from the chemical store (granule), wash the clothes with a pen stain and wash it in water with dissolved oxalic acid. Since oxalic acid is a weak acid, it will not corrode clothing.



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