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Market Advantage of Dish Washing Liquid

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-07 17:16:20 1069 aogrand
China is a big catering country, liquid detergent production and sales have a broad market. The disadvantage is that the transportation cost is very high, the storage inconvenience occupies the space, the summer temperature is high still can be turbid, metamorphism, return to thin, smelly and so on the phenomenon. So dish washing liquid tends to be a small market and can only be used in several areas. And powdery dish washing liquid is different, completely solved this difficult problem. The green line of experts, the product by import high-efficiency cleaning factor, highly active enzyme detergent, environmental protection disinfectant, the composition such as multiple additives, no phosphorus formula, has the powerful ability to decrease, powder preparation of simplified methods and USES extensive market prospect.

Market Advantage

Super decontamination:

By inspection of the national quality supervision and testing station, the oil pollution active ingredient is up to 67%, which is well above the national standard of over 15%

Healthy environment:

PH value neutral, no phosphorus, no toxicity, no hands; Economizing plastic bottle packaging, saving freight, saving water, cleaning without pollution.

Easy to use:

Use super - concentrated powder formula, small bag packaging, instant solution, easy to use. Storage doesn't take up space

Widely used:

Can be used in tableware, clothing, clean hand, kitchen cooking stove, glass, floor, ceramic tile, sofa, electric appliances, automobile and other heavy oil stains.

The price is low:

1:25 % proportion to water, namely 25 kilograms liquid dish washing liquid, compare similar transparent cleanness clean liquid is cheaper 2 times, than the traditional dish washing liquid is also less than twice

Fast consumable, domestic initiative:

"Super concentrated powder (liquid) dish washing liquid series, less investment and high profits, quick returns, zero risks, without competition, simple operation, adding water into a thick both dish washing liquid, hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, etc.

Target consumer group:

Catering, government, enterprise, military service, college canteen, wholesale market, etc. The market prospect is broad and unlimited.

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