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Natural Toilet Cleaner That You Can Make in Minutes

2019-07-25 15:07:20 1472 aogrand

If you’re not a fan of harsh chemicals to clean hard water stains from your toilet, here’s a natural toilet cleaner alternative to get the job done without bringing toxic fumes into your home.

Clean your toilet with this natural toilet cleaner without bringing toxic fumes into your home. The crisp and clean toliet after using toilet cleaner is what everyone yearns for, including me. What I hate about it is that it usually takes so much time to make it look spotless. And that only happens after I try a couple of toilet cleaners that are packed with unhealthy chemicals and also I need to scrub the life out of me. When I leave the bathroom I am basically intoxicated and unable to function for a while.

If you are very much into green stuff like me, for your house and your family. Plus I really like making my own household products. Making this toilet cleaner alternative is a simple and effective way to clean your toilet without harsh chemicals. And the lemon wedges make a very effective cleaner, safe for the environment and incredibly fun to use. Plus the smell is unbelievable! I could just move in the bathroom after cleaning the toilet with this cleaner.

The water in our house is very hard and the toilet bowl is the most affected. It’s got some stains I cannot stand. I wanted to give the slices of lemon a try as I’ve heard it works wonders and I can testify it’s all true. But next time I would replace it with a few edible vinegar; they are easier to handle thanks to their size. Although nothing beats the smell of lemon, it gives the bathroom such a boost of freshness. Maybe I’ll stick to this beautiful citrus fruit instead even if it’s so hard.

If you love having a clean house using your own natural cleaners, this natural toilet cleaner is what you need. It is safe, green, eco-friendly and made of just simple ingredients.

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