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Places Should Be Concerned About While Washing

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2017-08-10 15:22:33 1152 aogrand
In many cases, we find that after washing the underwear, the underwear becomes whiter. In my opinion, detergent works! In fact, many detergent products add a fluorescent whitening agent to make the clothes appear bright and clean after cleaning, and it looks very white. A good fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of product that is able to absorb UV light and can present to the chemical whitening dye. After it enters the body, it is not as easy to break down as the chemical composition of ordinary components but is combined with the protein in the body quickly. It is difficult to get out of the body to the outside, so there is no doubt that it will increase hepatic failure, and is susceptible to stimulate fluorescent agent on the human skin. Some people think that the whitening of clothes is not only beautiful but also clean and sterile, which is a complete misunderstanding. Those who pursue absolute cleanliness often think that simple washing is not clean enough, and they tend to use "fierce" material after washing. Also, they use disinfectant to disinfect their clothes the second time. Don't be that smart! Disinfectant can kill bacteria because its main components are hypochlorite and strong oxidants which are harmful to your skin. The damage to the skin cannot be ignored, with intense irritation and causticity, and it is difficult to clean with a basin or two of water. If do not wash clean and leave residues on clothes, after permeating into the skin pore, entering the human body after sweating, if lucky, can cause itching, peeling, while heavy amount can cause dizziness nausea and discomfort. The washing products provided by CLEACE give good performance on both cleaning and maintaining. Besides, the washing powder price is also very competitive. When washing, the stain will accumulate in the crack of the roller. After using the washing machine, you should rinse the roller and filter with clean water, and add a cup of white vinegar to the water to help remove the residual detergent. Besides, it is best to thoroughly disinfect with professional cleaning agent every month. Almost everyone ignores the drainpipe, and once the drain or another pipe of the washing machine is blocked, it not only consumes energy but also affects the washing effect, creating a great hazard to human lives. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner should be used regularly to clean the tube mouth and keep it smooth.    

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