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Problems Often Meet When Washing

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2017-08-12 15:34:17 1217 aogrand
With the progress of science and technology, few people have washed their clothes by hand. But some of the people that are in trouble will save from a pile of dirty clothes and throw them in the washing machine. It's a very convenient thing to do, but it can cause a lot of health risks. Some clothes is to be separated by color, material, type, water temperature and so on. When washing clothes, not only should you classify those clothes according to color, but also see the material of clothes. Experts suggest that the colors can be divided into four categories: pure white, light (including white striped clothing), dark (black, blue, brown, etc.) and colorful (red, yellow, orange, etc.). In the material aspect, it is necessary to separate the clothes (towel, sweater, corduroy, etc.) and some clothes that is easy to get the ball, so just avoid washing those clothes. Close-fitting clothing, such as underwear, autumn underwear, etc., should be washed separately. Generally speaking, the higher the water temperature, the faster the decontamination, the better the disinfection effect. However, many clothes is not suitable for washing with hot water, and the washing label should be checked before washing. Underwear, bed sheets, etc should be used, for example, should be washed in more than 60 ℃ hot water, and silk, the wool fabric should be washed in cold water. If you put your clothes on first, then the laundry powder may cause the washing powder not to be fully dissolved, and sometimes it will stick to the clothes and not easy to rinse. When you wash your clothes, you should start with the water first, then pour the washing powder, stir it up a few times, and then put it in your clothing when it is fully dissolved. In this regard, CLEACE performed well and the washing powder price is also competitive. Some people like to gather a pile of dirty clothes and fill the washing machine to wash together, thinking that it can save water and electricity, but they do not know this is difficult to wash clean. Still, it can shorten the service life of washing machine. Experts suggest that clothing can only for up to two-thirds of the volume of the washing machine's drum. If your clothes is stained with juice, oil, ink stains and other stains, you need to deal with immediately, or you may leave a permanent mark. When processing, add the appropriate amount of laundry detergent in the water, then put the dirty place in the water to immerse, let the clothing contact the detergent in time. If it is inconvenient to take off clothes or have no detergent, use a dry cloth or paper towel quickly to dry the stain, then dip the cloth wet, and gently wipe the dirt, then clean it thoroughly after going home.

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