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Remove Different Stains From Clothing

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2017-11-02 10:50:00 1115 aogrand
In life, clothing may be stained with all sorts of hard-to-remove stains. The stains on your clothes are hard to remove, so you need some tips. Now, we'll give you some tips on removing stains. For laundry, you can choose our best washing powder.

1. Clean white clothing

Stains on white clothing are usually difficult to remove. Rather than risk making clothes rub off using 84 disinfectant to clean, might as well use this way to cut a lemon piece, the white clothes soaked in cooked, lemon water, about a quarter of an hour to clean again.

2. Clean the paint on your clothes

Apply the cold oil (the oil) to the place where the paint is sticky, then rinse it well. If the nylon material can be rubbed with lard, scrubbing, and scrubbing.

3. Clean the cartridge marks on clothing

Drug alcohol with a concentration of more than 75 percent is poured onto a garment with a pen - core print. Soak the clothes in a mixture of bleached water with two caps and a little detergent for about 20 minutes. The ball-point pen prints a heavy cleaning and then rubbed with soap and toothpaste. Note: you can't soak it in boiling water

4. Clean blood stains on clothing

Wash your clothes immediately with cold water and then do the usual laundry. Disable hot water!! Once the hot water meets, it won't wash out. Enzymatic laundry detergent, the best effect.

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