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Some Laundry Tricks for You

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2017-10-06 10:39:29 1091 aogrand
Everyone will wash clothes, if you want to wash clothes to wash clean, do not fade, do not the knot, just throw all the clothes into the washing machine is not effective, by this time you will need to use some tips! In drink when you eat or drink some tea stains on clothes tend to be casual or sauce, this dirt may leave unsightly marks on the clothes, but some small real-time remedy may help you to save a favorite dress. As one of the best washing powder supplier, here are some tricks we collected for you.

There are two types of treatment when you’re not careful with the tea stains: If it is newly stained with tea, you can wash it with hot water, while the old stain can be washed with salt water. If clothes covered in soy sauce, the new with the soy sauce stains can wash in cold water first and then washed with detergent to remove the old soy sauce stains, can add a moderate amount of ammonia leaching in detergent to wash, or try to use alcohol washing knead, can slightly antiquated soy sauce stains. In addition to the fact that clothes are stained with dirt, washing clothes often happen when clothes are easily discolored and clothes are stained. To prevent clothing from fading, add some vinegar to the water, or soak your clothes in salt water for a while to improve your clothes. If you don’t want clothes stained in the cleaning process, housewives advice before washing the clothes, must first dark clothing, such as black, red, dark blue and light color clothes, such as white, pale yellow) wash separately, if you want to clean at the same time, at least to use laundry bag. Use washing machines wash clothes knot easily laundry problems are common, actually, clothes not easily related to the type of washing machine, in general, the whirlpool type washing machine than mixing type and roller washing machine are more likely to cause knot clothing. If the home washing machine belongs to the type of knot to make clothing, people advice, if wash clothes often knot, can go to the supermarket to buy laundry ball, or throw a few empty plastic bottles into the washing machine, can reduce the similar situation. Washing machines make laundry more convenient, but people also pay attention to certain clothes when washing clothes. Laundry industry experts said, generally will be sewn on the clothes are suitable for the label for the clothes cleaning method, people if there are special precious clothes, may follow the instructions on the label washed. And some special cloth, like silk, wool, artificial silk and so on easy shrink, wrinkly clothes, because of the washing up is not easy, the populace can be handed over to reliable laundry house clean. If you use a laundry method, it will not only prolong the life of your beloved clothes but also keep your clothes bright and bright. The above has a little skill that washes clothes, the public may try to try to see next time when washing clothes, perhaps can solve you long time trouble!

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