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The Advantages of Our Washing Powder

Laundry Lquid washing powder
2017-08-08 15:01:26 4038 aogrand
The price of laundry detergent is also an advantage. The washing powder price is low, but the decontamination ability is strong. It is convenient for the needs of the people, and it is suitable for washing clothes and daily necessities. It is very common in daily life.


1.Environmental friendly formula: No harmful chemical substance, like Phosphor, boron, Phthalate, Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Bromine etc. contains. 2.Deep cleaning capacity: Special dirt separation factor can penetrate into the inside of the fabric, can rapidly and effectively dissolve and get rid of all kinds of stubborn stain without any effort of rinse. Super decontamination capacity makes the stain being removed easier. 3. Keep colors vivid: make white clothes whiter and colorful clothes brighter. 4. Moderate foam, easy to rinse, save water and power. 5. Contains especially advanced clothes submissive granule which can make the fabric in the condition of suppleness long time basis, make the clothes more flexible and prolong the using life of clothes. 6. Gentle formula, no harm to clothes and hands 7. Excellent low-temperature solubility and high-temperature tolerance. 8. Includes water softeners, suitable for all kinds of water quality 9. Natural fragrance, make the laundry process fresh, comfortable and pleasant.

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