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The Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Shirt

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2017-08-09 15:17:57 1282 aogrand
A good shirt, it must be made of the material that is soft and elastic, wear cool. When washing should be in the whole shirt and avoid kneading patterned side, try to hand wash and don't use the dryer to dry clothes. Don't pull collar, to prevent deformation. Remember to wash clothes carefully during the season of change, to know the materials first, to clean the whole ironing process without hurting the clothes. Cotton fabric Vinegar will penetrate into the cotton fabric, so it is better to treat it with water immediately, so as to avoid the stain lingering over time. Alkali is not easy to damage cotton fabric so it can be washed with the weak alkaline cleaning agent. The sun causes oxidation on cotton clothes, and make the white cotton fabric yellowing and embrittlement, some cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to the sun. Excessive exposure may fade the color easily, especially in blue, purple, pink, etc should be particularly cautious might as well turn to dry. The light color cotton fabric washing will gradually turn clothes yellow, which can be soaked in water with detergent for 20 ~ 30 minutes and then wash with water to restore the original appearance. Finishing: cotton high temperature to about 180 degrees or so, when all is not easy to very hot leveling, cotton materials when ironing cotton best moderate water spray uniform moisture permeability after ironing and can get twice the result with half the effort. CLEACE provides products with high quality and when it comes to washing powder price, it is very competitive. synthetic fiber Synthetic fibers such as NYLON, POLYESTER, ACRYLIC fiber, various kinds of fiber qualities of different ways of cleaning and maintenance. nylon material is not easy to fade but easy to stain and must be separated from other dark clothing to avoid staining. Wash nylon clothes with a neutral detergent, avoid hot water, and nylon clothing is easy to dry. Warm nylon clothing for low temperatures, about 140 degrees Celsius or less.

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