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The Methods of Sorting Clothes

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2017-08-17 16:08:28 1244 aogrand
Every woman has the illusion of "perfect cloakroom, eager to have a sufficient to receive, to satisfy his inner small vanity closet, clothes hang put orderly, put shoes uniform, morning scan in the past, can accurately picked up to change clothes. The dream is always there, in case the realization! This shows the importance of packing clothes. When you get up in the morning and see the neat cloakroom, you'll be in a good mood for the day. If it's full of clutter, it can be a waste of time and energy.As a  detergent powder supplier, it is necessary for us to teach you how to sorting your clothes.

1、For underwear and socks, try drawers. There are many places where you can buy a box for your underwear, which can make you feel organized and easy to find what you need.

2、Put your shirt and T-shirt like a file system. That way you can see what you need and you can get it easily, without disrupting other clothes. Once the shirt is stacked neatly, you can shrink the space and have more space to put other thick coat coats.

3、The four seasons alternate, our wardrobe should also make a adjustment. An unseasonably and often do not wear clothes away, receive a case it is necessary at this time, but must remember to do label, easy to find, so that after the chest moved when needed.

4、The clothes you normally wear can be categorized and accepted. It is convenient to select the clothes when you choose, and it will save time and effort. The most important thing is to go home every day to take off the clothes must not be disorderly throw, this will only get more and more disorderly. Throw clothes into a washing machine or laundry basket, and don't need to replace them with a neatly folded back closet.

5、If your wardrobe doesn't really have any room for it, don't worry. You can try other places. For example, you can clean the bed, put your clothes in the small box, and hide under the bed. Not only makes the room whole look more open, still can make good use of the space, give you to continue to buy and buy a lot of excuse.

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