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The Methods to Prevent Clothes from Fading

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2017-08-05 14:37:29 1034 aogrand
1.Cotton clothing or cloth. Although cotton clothes are not so easy to have a type, it would be comfortable wearing, and not damage the skin, as a result, some close-fitting clothing, vest, shirt etc. We all like to choose pure cotton, draperies we also tend to choose pure cotton, cotton fabric used for the first time, use boiling water to soak before wearing, so it is not easy to wear color later, and can increase its wear resistance. 2.Cowboy clothes tend to rub off, for jeans, denim skirt, such as clothes, put it in before you first wear cool concentrated in salt water for about 2 hours, then washing with soap is not easy to fade, this method is very effective, suggested that the reader might as well try.

3.Wool clothes rub off, for wool clothes fade easily, such as sweaters, can be before catharsis sweater with a cool tea soak for 10 minutes, then gently wash, after this kind of method of washing, sweater very not only can wash clean, will not fade, but also can extend the use fixed number of year.

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4.Neutral cleaning products, if the clothes off easily color had better choose neutral washing supplies, more alkaline soap operas cloth rub off easily lead to clothes, for bright colors, and the color is more clothes can choose detergent washing and decontamination capability, not only and will not rub off. 5.Artificial fiber cloth washing can add some salt in water; Washing the advanced clothes can add a small amount of alum in the water, which can reduce clothing discoloration. 6.When choosing gentle washing or washing clothes in the 2 tablespoons vinegar, also can effectively reduce the clothes rub off, also wash his clothes, don't too hard to twist the moisture on the clothes, choose opposite when drying air can also reduce clothes rub off. 7.Separate washing, when washing clothes to wash light color or don't rub off clothes, then wash dark clothes, avoid clothing dyeing each other, at the time of drying is to separate air is basked in, otherwise, the colors will affect beautiful dress.

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