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The Select Error of Dish Washing Liquid

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-08 17:18:15 1027 aogrand
Detergent for daily cleaning supplies, many consumers are not very clear about how to choose good quality dish washing liquid. Also, people don't know how to use it correctly. They usually make mistakes when choosing dish washing liquid. What can we pay attention to when selecting and using dish washing liquid? Now, let me talking with you.

Consumers are more brand-conscious

Most of the shops that run the dish washing liquids in the Chinese market include "Libai", "Carvings" and "White Cats", which are priced between three and four yuan per bottle. The number of other miscellaneous dish washing liquid is very small and very small. Although the price is lower, the profit is higher, but many consumers only recognize the brand, the sundry cleaning essence is not appreciated at all.

Not focused on how to use it

In the sale of tableware dish washing liquid, unqualified products mainly exist always active content, formaldehyde, bacteria and other indicators unqualified problem, which is the total active matter decided tableware dish washing liquid when washing dishes decontamination effect is an important indicator. Some manufacturers reduce the amount of surfactant in order to reduce the production cost, which leads to the failure of the index. Generally speaking, the higher the total activity, the better the decontamination effect. This index is unqualified to make the stain on the tableware not easy to clean or must increase the dosage of tableware dish washing liquid to achieve the ideal decontamination effect, this is bound to aggravate the consumer's burden. After the consumer USES some formaldehyde to exceed the standard of disqualified tableware dish washing liquid, the formaldehyde of this kind can be residues in tableware, melon fruit, carry in the human body accordingly, affect human health. The total number of bacteria in the population may cause the susceptible population (elderly, children, etc.) to be ill. Many consumers are not very clear about how to choose good quality dish washing liquid. Every time I buy the dish washing liquid, I simply choose the brand and believe that there should be no quality problem. Consumers think that washing dish washing liquid as a washing product should not cause too much harm to the body. When washing the tableware, citizens also won't pay attention to the use of dish washing liquid, how much weight should be used, often overuse.

Dish washing liquid should not be used more

Some people think the dish washing liquid is sterilized, disinfect, the stain is strong, put more, wash cleaner, soak time the longer the effect is better, in fact, this is a kind of misunderstanding. The common dish washing liquids sold in the market can only remove most of the pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables, but do not have sterilization and sterilization. Instead, the bacteria will enter the body with the washing residue. The tableware after washing dish washing liquid must be rinsed twice with tap water, the dish washing liquid concentration should be 0.2% ~ 0.5%, the soaking time should be determined according to the different situation of fruit and vegetable skin. Strawberries and other skins are not smooth, soak for a dozen seconds, rinse with flowing water. The combination of various dish washing liquids and disinfectants is harmful to human health. Chlorine cleaners (bleaching powder, pure poison) and disinfecting dish washing liquid containing an acid mixture of lavatory spirit) (or bleaching powder containing ammonia and cleaner share will produce poisonous chlorine gas, causing irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, cause inflammation, lead to poisoning, fatal damage to the body.

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