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The Use of Dish Washing Liquid

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-05 17:08:57 1155 aogrand
Dish washing liquid is very common in the life outside, many families will choose dish washing liquid as dish washing liquid to clean tableware kitchen utensils and utensils. It's convenient and quick to scrub. Dish washing liquid for daily cleaning products, environmental protection, production safety products, clean moderate, in leather, quickly decompose fat, fast decontamination, in addition to bacteria, effectively clean no residues, wash emanate quietly elegant fruit fragrance, white and bright as new after washing. Use to ensure home hygiene and avoid infection.

A kind of liquid dish washing liquid. Compared with ordinary dish washing liquid, the versatile dish washing liquid is designed for different kinds of oil stains in the kitchen. It can clean all kitchen surfaces while cleaning the tableware effectively. The scope of cleaning can be: the light oil on the dishes; Cooking gravy and oil; Sticky oil stained with dust; Pesticide and fruit wax residue on fruits and vegetables. Multi-purpose dish washing liquid is the feature of relative to the ordinary liquid dish washing liquid pays more attention to the use of the different range, so the purity of multi-purpose dish washing liquid is higher, with different proportions of water mixed with to deal with different kinds of dirt. The usual method is as follows: add 1-2 drops in the water basin, put the fruits and vegetables in and soak to remove the residual pesticide and fruit wax. Add 5-6 drops to the water to remove the light oil from the cooking bowl. Add a little water to the versatile dishwashing liquid, which can clean up dried oil or stained with dust. By copying from a variety of surfactant raw materials, not only has the greatly strengthened remove oil on the surface of tableware, and can be used for fruits, vegetables, washing, have the effect of sterilization, remove residual pesticides. Wash the tableware, with 1% water solution, wash fruits and vegetables, add 5 ~ 6 drops of detergent to every 1 L of water.

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