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Tips On Removing Stubborn Stains

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2017-08-15 15:42:24 1082 aogrand
Clothes with tung oil stains can be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene or detergent, or scrubbed with bean scum, then rinse off with water. Oil and kerosene are used for scrubbing. The peanut oil and engine oil can also be coated with the stain. When dissolved, it is easy to erase. Removing the kitchen oil. The clothes are stained with the smoke from the pipe, and you must quickly soak in the water to avoid contact with the air and prevent oxidation. Then the oxalate was scrubbed at the stain. After removing a large amount of smoke oil, wash it with soap or washing powder and rinse thoroughly. The kitchen oil that just drops on the clothes should be washed with gasoline immediately, if there are still color spots after scrubbing, use 2% oxalate solution to wipe, wash with clean water again. Once the clothing is dripping with kitchen oil, take a handful of the ashes of the furnace and sprinkle it evenly on it. After a moment, ashes dry, remove the ashes and smoke oil from it. If the smoke oil on the clothing was dry for a long time, use clear water to wet the oil mark place, then take the furnace ash to sprinkle on the top, dry oil stain can be removed. Remove the bitumen and gently scrape it off with a knife, then soak it in water for a little while and then add it to the hot water. You can also use turpentine oil repeatedly, and wash in hot soapy water. As to the most suitable washing powder, CLEACE, your trusty washing powder supplier would help you. When the corduroy clothing is stained the glue and so on can be soaked in clean water and gently knead, do not dry rub, in order to avoid unplug the fluff. Remove bubble gum with gasoline or alcohol scrub. The chewing gum is very sticky and hard to wash clothes, refrigerate in the freezer for a period of time, the sugar will be crisp, with a knife gently scraping, can be separated clean. Remove soy sauce and vinegar stains. If the clothes are not carefully splashed with soy sauce, vinegar. You can immediately remove the soft paper with water and wipe it. After drying, you can restore the clothes. The key is to move quickly, not letting soy sauce or vinegar have enough time to immerse in fibrous tissue, the faster the action the better. Use the carrot juice, cut the radish into pieces and then boil the carrot juice. Put the sugar into the juice, make sweet turnip juice to remove the stain on the clothes, then rub it in 2 to 10 minutes. Wash with soap and rinse, then the old soy sauce and vinegar stains will disappear.

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