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Tricks of Removing Clothes Stains

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2017-08-21 16:48:22 1046 aogrand
If you don't pay attention, you'll always leave hard-to-remove stains on your clothes. Sports people know that there are some weird smells that are hard to remove after a sweat... How can you wash your clothes? As one of soap powder suppliers, it's my duty to teach you some effective ways.

There is a way to remove stains from clothing. We have different ways to deal with different stains. Now, let me show you some solutions to remove common stains.

Wash white clothes and white socks

It is difficult to eradicate the stain on white clothing, then take a lemon slice and boil it in water and soak it in water for about 15 minutes.

Wash your clothes

Sometimes the clothes will not be allowed to dry, the unpleasant smell of sweat, white vinegar mixed with water, soak the taste of the clothes for about five minutes, then dry the clothes in the ventilation area!

Easily wash the mold off your clothes

Gram bud; Put the green bean sprouts on the mildew point, hands hard rub, is not clean some? Put some mungbean sprout and then rub, hum, colors and light a lot, and then rub, everything comes to him who waits, mildew, final reoccupy clear water flushing. It's as simple as that, problem solved.

Wash your clothes with soy sauce

Method 1: white sugar is needed. First soak the stained area with water, then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar and rub it with your hands. We can see that some of the soy sauce stains have been stained with sugar and then washed with water to remove the stain.

Method 2: use baking soda. After soaking the white waistcoat, apply baking soda to a place with soy sauce, then wash it with clean water for 10 minutes. Remove the soy sauce.

Method 3: it is necessary to use fresh lotus root, cut fresh lotus root with a knife, apply fresh lotus root juice to the soy sauce trace, and wash it in water 10 minutes later, remove the soy sauce stains.

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