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Washing Powder and Laundry Liquid

Laundry Lquid washing powder
2017-11-01 10:47:39 1245 aogrand
People have been arguing about the clean effect of washing powder and laundry detergent. But the answer depends largely on the needs of the user. Now, we can look at it from different angles. If you can't be able to choose the laundry detergent, you can choose our best washing powder for laundry.

Decontamination effect

Laundry detergent and washing powder of cleaning effect are good, but some people think that the effect of laundry detergent cleaning greasy stain and food better, and washing clothes are even more important in removing dust and sludge. In addition, pretreatment with laundry detergent is easier than washing powder.

Shelf life

The composition of bleach and surfactant is more stable in the powder, so the shelf life of the detergent is longer. In addition, washing powder, unlike laundry detergent, can freeze in low-temperature environments.


Some washing powder must be dissolved in warm water, which means more energy. Laundry detergent can be well dissolved in warm water and cold water. Washing powder does not necessarily dissolve in the washing machine, and it needs to be repeated if left on the clothes.

The dosage

Although it can be used to clean a large amount of laundry with very little concentrated detergent, it is easy for consumers to overuse the detergent because the amount on the bottle is confusing. On the other hand, the amount of washing powder is easier to master.

Water and environment

The non-concentrated detergent contains nearly 80 percent of the water, so the transportation cost of water is a waste. High concentration of laundry detergent helps to reduce this waste. In addition, the detergent contains more surfactant than washing powder, and the surfactant is harmful to the water ecosystem.

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