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Which one is better, washing powder or liquid detergent, don't waste money

2021-08-12 10:57:35 0 zhaona

Our daily life cannot do without washing clothes. Of course, washing clothes cannot do without laundry products. There are many laundry products on the market, such as liquid detergent, washing powder, soap, etc. So what is the difference between them? Come and take a look

Washing powder VS liquid detergent

First, let's introduce the ingredients and principles of laundry products. The cleaning principle is actually the same. The decontamination ability mainly relies on surfactants. One end of its molecular structure is hydrophilic and the other end is hydrophobic. The hydrophobic group will surround various water-insoluble molecules in the oil stain, and the hydrophilic group at the other end can make it soluble in water, thereby being washed away. The difference is mainly in the surfactants of various products. Soap and washing powder are anionic surfactants, and laundry detergent and laundry gel beads are non-ionic surfactants; in addition, other soap ingredients will be much less, so the irritation will be much less. .

Main ingredients

Washing powder is generally solid powder with low cost. The main component is an anionic surfactant: sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate.

The main components of laundry detergent are surfactants, non-ionic surfactants and some anionic/cationic surfactants.

Cleaning power

Washing powder and liquid detergent at the same price may have higher decontamination ability than liquid detergent, but at the same time, washing powder is more alkaline and more irritating to clothing, which may cause clothing to fade. The remaining chemical components on the surface of the clothes may also cause damage to the clothes.

In addition, the washing powder is easy to deposit, and there will be a lot of foam when washing clothes. It is not easy to rinse. Generally, it is necessary to rinse with water three times to rinse it off.

Laundry detergent is more convenient to use, basically completely soluble in water, the dissolution speed is also faster, and it is easy to rinse, and overall it is relatively mild.

The laundry detergent has the triple effect of washing, softening and sterilizing. After washing the clothes, the fragrance is more durable and refreshing.


Washing powder is generally strongly alkaline, most of the pH is over 12, and the hands are hot when touched. It is not only easy to burn hands during washing, but also particularly damage the fabric fibers. Therefore, it is best to wear a glove during use to reduce skin damage. Stimulus.

If there is residual washing powder on clothes, symptoms such as allergies and itching may appear after contact with the skin.

The pH value of laundry detergent is more neutral, relatively speaking, it is more gentle and does not hurt your hands.

Environmental protection

Some washing powders contain phosphorus, which can hinder the body's absorption of calcium. If phosphorus is discharged into wastewater in large amounts, it will generally not be completely degraded, which will easily cause eutrophication of river water and cause pollution to the environment.

The laundry detergent can be completely degraded and will cause less pollution to the environment.


Because washing powder is granular, it is easy to dissolve in water, and it is easy to harden when it is damp, which requires higher storage conditions. Since laundry detergent is liquid, it usually has a lid for better storage.

Scope of application

Different detergents are generally used for clothes of different materials.

Although washing powder has a strong decontamination ability, it has been said before that it can cause more damage to clothes. At the same time, some residual components on clothes can easily cause damage to the skin.

Therefore, washing powder is not suitable for washing new clothes and underwear. It is more suitable for washing some relatively rough clothes, such as curtains and sofa covers. It can also be used to scrub doors and windows. The laundry detergent has a mild formula and less damage to the fibers of the clothes. At the same time, it can better maintain the original color of the clothes, so it can be used to wash ordinary clothes and close-fitting underwear. It is not recommended to mix detergent and detergent. First, detergent and detergent have different properties. Laundry detergent is neutral, and detergent is alkaline. Secondly, different detergents have different component compositions. Different manufacturers may make different additives. If they are mixed and used, the combination of various components will reduce the washing effect, and if it is heavy, it may cause damage to the clothes.

Uses of soap

In addition to washing powder and liquid detergent, soap is also the most common detergent we use every day. Soap is different from the two. It is mainly derived from renewable vegetable oils, which is less irritating to the skin and is the smallest of the three. It also plays a role in protecting the fabric. Soap is suitable for washing underwear and baby clothes. Occasionally, if you encounter small stains on the clothes, you can also use soap, which saves time and does not cause damage to your hands.

Is plant-based laundry detergent safer?

There are some natural and harmless plant-based laundry detergents on the market. In fact, they only mean that a certain type of laundry detergent is added with natural plant products. It does not mean that it does not contain other chemicals or chemical products, so there is no pure plant. Laundry detergent.

Condiment decontamination

Condiments are basically available in every household. In fact, in addition to cooking, condiments can also be used to wash clothes. For example, ginger, white sugar and white vinegar, which are common in the kitchen of every household, are actually good decontamination materials.


Wash the ginger and cut it into fine pieces, boil it in a pot, pour it into a laundry tub, soak the clothes for 10 minutes, and rub it repeatedly to remove dark spots on the clothes and remove sweat stains.


The clothes are stained with soy sauce, and it is useless to use laundry detergent or washing powder, but first soak it with water, and then sprinkle with sugar to dissolve it on the clothes. These stains can be easily removed.

White vinegar

White vinegar can be used to clean the home. In fact, it is also very effective to clean the stains on clothes, especially some white tops, which are easy to turn yellow. Adding a little white vinegar to it during rinsing can effectively remove yellow stains.

Recommend high-quality washing powder suppliers

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