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Why Teach Kids about Hand Washing?

2019-08-29 15:09:35 1205 aogrand

Washing hands is one of the most important measures for preventing the spread of diseases. Lathering the hands with soap and rinsing them with running water is a simple method of removing germs before they spread. While children have a natural tendency to get their hands dirty, they usually need a bit of guidance from their parents to learn when they need to wash their hands and how to do it properly, so that the germs are washed away.

Children don’t instinctively wash their hands when they are dirty, so as a parent you’ll need to teach them how to do it. It’s also a good idea to talk to your children about why hand washing is important and when it should be done. Children develop the skills to wash and dry their hands by about two years of age.

Why is hand washing important? Hand washing is important because it removes germs that can cause diseases from the hands and in doing so helps prevent the spread of those diseases.

Hand washing is one of the most important things you and your children can do to prevent diseases from spreading. Not washing hands or not washing them properly is an underlying cause in about half of all outbreaks of food borne disease like diarrhoea around the world. In addition, about a quarter of respiratory infections like cold and flu are caused by unwashed or poorly washed hands. Not washing the hands also contributes to the spread of eye diseases such as trachoma and skin infections such as impetigo. 

At the same time, choosing some certain hand washing liquid suitable for babies is equally significant. If you have troble in dealing with such problem, please learn about our CLEACE Liquid hand washing. It speacial fruit perfumes like lemon, apple and grapefruit cater to the favors of children and babies, which avoids the problems that parents have to take time and efforts to persuade kids to wash their hands. Meanwhile, its natural fruit fragrances are so mild that won’t have adverse effect on babies hands, thus can be wholly applied to adults and kids. In addition to leave nice smell after use, CLEACE Liquid hand washing upgrades moisturizing formula, which makes it gentle to babies’ tender hands and makes babies’ hands soft.

Therefore, only when you manage to teach kids lifelong hand washing habits and provide them the best choice, can you be responsible for your babies in protection.

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