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With Dish Washing Liquid, Don't Be Afraid of Oil Stains

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-09 17:19:36 1018 aogrand
Oil stains on clothes are very ugly and very difficult to clean. In fact, when cleaning oil stain, there is a small trick, that is to clean with dish washing liquid. Wash with dish washing liquid, with some tips. So, don't use any of it. If local stained with oily be soiled clothes can use dish washing liquid to clean, have the effect very much detergent for cleaning the local stain, but cannot use the detergent directly instead of the professional clothing dish washing liquid washing clothes, because the dish washing liquid is damage to the skin, suggest not to use dish washing liquid to wash clothes is to avoid dish washing liquid pollution of chemicals in our skin.

Why does dish washing liquid can remove oil stains?

1. Dish washing liquid can enhance the dispersion and suspension of dirt. The surfactant has the ability to emulsify the oil, which can be emulsified into small droplets and dispersed in the water to prevent the oil from reassembling. The surfactant can also charge the surface of solid dirt and use the repulsive force between the same charge to disperse the solid fouling in the water and prevent the redeposition of dirt. 2. The composition of the dish washing liquid contains hydrophilic and oil-friendly groups. The principle and washing powder can wash the stains of the clothes very similar. Pro-oil base to the oil adsorption, at the same time, due to the lipophilic group of hydrophobic, they gather together to form a group, in the center, surrounded the grease and oil of hydrophilic tail stay outside, so that you can avoid the oil again to stick to a bowl or clothes. 3. The main component of dish washing liquid is a surfactant, and the surfactant is an organic compound containing hydrophilic and oil-friendly components in the molecular structure. Many of the pro-oil groups insert oil into the oil, forming hydrophilic groups on the surface of the oil, which can be dissolved in water and then removed when the oil is dissolved.

Remove oil stains with dish washing liquid on your clothes:

1. There is no water in the dirty clothes. With oil stains, you can't wash it off because you think it's dirty, and you can't wash it off. It should be taken off and put in a basin. 2. Pour the dish washing liquid into the dirty place and rub it with your hands. The time is different according to the degree of dirty. Dish washing liquid should also have a certain amount, usually can cover dirty place quantity. And then there's the immediate effect. 3. Wait until the oil stains are cleaned and then put in the sink to wash. Wash and rinse thoroughly. Then wash clean with laundry detergent.

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