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Maintain Your Clothes,Take Care of Your Health

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2017-08-19 16:42:54 1172 aogrand
Many people like to throw the dirty clothes into the washing machine barrel, mix depth clothes after washing, found out various dyeing, faded phenomenon, not only damage, and put his own mood messed it up. So how do you clean and maintain your clothes? As a  detergent powder supplier, it is necessary for us to recommend you some effective ways to maintain your clothes.

Tips for preventing clothing from fading in summer:

1、The acid washing method washes the colored cloth clothing, in the detergent to add 1 ~ 2 spoonful of vinegar, also can prevent clothing fades. 2、Add some salt to the water when it is washed. Washing the advanced clothes can add a small amount of alum in the water, which can avoid or reduce clothing discoloration. 3、When drying your clothes, turn your clothes upside down and dress in the morning sun.

Tips for drying your clothes

1、It is best not to be exposed to the sun, to dry in the cool and ventilated place, then put in the weak sunlight to dry, to protect the color of the clothes and life expectancy. 2、Please pay attention to the wind. Urban air pollution in recent years, due to the serious, especially near the factories downwind, often contain a lot of dust in the air, if you ignore this phenomenon, it is easy to make clothes stained with dust, affect the wearing effect. 3、When drying clothes, do not twist the clothes too dry, but should bring water to air to dry, and use hand to pull the skirt, collar, sleeve and so on the place to flatten, such drying clothes will remain flat, unable to fold.

Tips for maintaining your clothes

1、Fold the steam iron to warm the irons. Printing and dyeing cotton fabric finishing should be in opposite ironing, can maintain bright color 2、Dyeing clothes for long after washing, bleaching can occur, if wash clothes after, again in clean water rinse, with two glasses of beer added multi color discoloration.

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