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Create a Healthy Toilet, Make a Better Life

2019-07-18 14:40:10 502 aogrand

Cleaning toilets is a dirty job. The health in toilet is more difficult to clean. If someone usually loves cleansing and often clean the toilet, health is easier to clean, however, if the health cleaning is not frequent, it is difficult to clean. But if the bathroom is not sanitary, which may harbor bacteria. Therefore, it is inevitable to use toilet cleaner when carrying out toilet cleaning.

Here we created a toilet cleaner to make the task a lot more pleasant, that is CLEACE Toilet cleaner with various types of perfumes, like lemon and natural fragrance. CLEACE Toilet cleaner aerosol or liquid have been applied directly to the household for effective cleansing. Made with renewable, plant-based ingredients, our biodegradable formula decalcifies and freshens your bowl with a brush and flush. The new generation of toilet cleaning technology is adopted to overcome the technical defects of traditional toilet cleaning liquid (strong odor stimulation and corrosiveness), which can bring consumers a transcendent clean experience that aims to subverts tradition and liberate body and mind. So the only thing that’s left behind is a sparkling shine.

Product features:

  • Efficient decontamination and sterilization, being extraordinary clean;
  • Perfume formula, bringing pleasant fragrance ;
  • Non-toxic level formula, cleansing more efficiently at ease;
  • Children's lock bottle cap design, protecting children's safety;
  • No skin irritation, bearing safer use.


  • Hold the bottle cap on both sides of the raised position, turning to open the cap lock;
  • Put the curved mouth upward, aiming at the groove squeeze and shotting a circle (do not flush before the squeeze);
  • After 10 minutes, brush the the toilet bowl lightly with the wet brush, and then rinse it with water;
  • The surface of porcelain becomes bright and fresh.

※ Warm tips:


  • Do not mix with products containing chlorine (such as 84 disinfectant, bleach, bleach solution, pipe dredging agent);
  • Avoid contact of the cleaning solution on the eyes. If it touches the eyes carelessly, please rinse with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

You can learn more information about CLEACE Toilet cleaner on www.aogrand.com, if you bother to handle toilet clansing.

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