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The Difference Between Washing Powder and Laundry Liquid

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2017-09-02 17:05:17 1483 aogrand
Washing powder: not easily damaged material washing powder is extracted from petroleum chemicals, generally a weak alkaline, plus adding abrasive, decontamination effect is very strong, especially for the dirty clothes, can have a very good cleaning effect. On the other hand, washing powder is relatively harmful to clothing, and solid deposition makes the fabric hard. If the wash is not clean residue in clothing, can cause skin allergy, rough. Laundry, the things that are more insipid in life. Washing powder has always been a major part of the products used in laundry washing. However, nowadays, more and more people are more inclined to laundry liquid because laundry liquid ingredients are in the surface active agent, decontamination capability, and can penetrate play a role of washing clothing fibers, decontamination more thoroughly. Do you know the difference between washing powder and laundry liquid? Let's see.

What's the difference between washing powder and laundry liquid?

1. The washing powder can not be completely dissolved in the process of use, and the residue can easily lead to clothing damage and not easy to rinse. And the laundry liquid can dissolve and dissolve quickly, easy to wash, and will not injure skin and clothing. 2. Washing powder is strongly alkaline (PH is over 12), and gloves should be worn during use to reduce the irritation of the skin. And the PH value of laundry liquid is neutral, and the formula is gentle without hurting the hand. 3. The technology of laundry liquid is higher, which makes it easy to add various active ingredients. After washing, the laundry will be fluffy, soft and smooth, and it has the effect of removing bacteria and staying fragrant. The use of a combination of low cost is widely accepted. 4. The waste liquid produced by washing powder cannot be completely degraded in nature, resulting in the eutrophication of the river and causing great pollution to the environment. And the laundry detergent can be completely degraded and won't pollute the environment. The variety of laundry liquid is rich and varied, and its fashion consumption is becoming popular.

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