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For Yellowing Clothes, The Rescue Strategy You Should Know

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2017-09-18 18:24:28 1152 aogrand
People always have a vision for the pure and beautiful white, so they are very fond of white clothes. But the white dress looks good, but it’s easy to get yellow and dirty, and it’s harder to clean. We can not use laundry detergent to remove the stains easily. So how to wash the white clothes, it has been a very difficult problem for everyone, the following make up for everyone to clean the white clothes hair yellow washing method, together come to see. White clothing is very easy to turn yellow, only need to refrigerate after washing the white clothes to refrigerate 1 hour, after taking out again drying, you will discover the place that yellows disappear, the clothes are bright white!

The rescue strategy for yellowing clothes

The clothes will turn yellow, mostly the fluorescent agent is weak, want the clothing to restore white and bright, must think so. 1. Wash rice water + orange peel is simple and effective: Keep washing rice or putting orange peels in a pot to add water to cook. Soak the yellowed clothes in the wash to make your clothes white. Not only simple, also unlike the fluorescent brightener that sells in the market can produce side effect to the skin without harming the material, it is a good method worth a try. 2. Yellow stains produced by sweating, removed with ammonia water: Produced by the sweat be soiled, because contain fat sweat, easy condensation inside the cloth fiber, when washing so adds 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak a few minutes later, scrub, and then use clean water, according to general laundry process, can remove yellow sweat!
  • Sometimes, white or light color clothes long will become yellow.
Cause yellowing white or light-colored clothes is the main reason for the human body oil, especially for polyester fabric clothing, more yellow. In addition, the residue of the scum (most obviously found in the tail of the tail ketone flax), if not rinsed, can make the clothes turn yellow. There are ways to remove this phenomenon, such as the use of cleaner when washing clothes with high-temperature water. A traditional way is to use yellowing clothes to hang in the hot sun, but before that, you should spray fresh lemon juice on the yellows, then put some salt and gently rub it. Warning: be careful to avoid chlorine bleach. Spandex fiber, silk, wool and other fabrics, contact chlorine bleach will make it more yellow.
  • If white clothes wear long clothes, they will turn yellow.
The yellow stains on the top are mainly proteins, and spinach will release the soluble protein when cooked. Buy a handful of spinach. After boiling hot water, the spinach will only be left to roll. Then place the yellow stain in the spinach water and rub it in the water for 10 minutes. Last, remove clothes after soaking and wash clothes in normal laundry procedures. Complete. The clothes are getting white again!

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