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How To Remove Oil or Juice Stains?

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2017-08-16 15:55:36 1207 aogrand
Remove plant and animal oil stains. When the clothes were polluted by plant or animal oil, squeeze the toothpaste on the spot, gently rub for some time, then wash with water, oil stains can be removed. Use tetrachloroethylene, rosino, banana water, or gasoline to wipe the spots. Remove curry oil stain with 5% sodium hypochlorite and wash with clean water. Removing the crab stains can use the white gills from the cooked crab and then wash them in cold water. Remove coffee or tea stains. If your clothes are stained with coffee or tea, wash them immediately with hot water. If the stain is dry, it will be washed in a complicated way. Apply a mixture of glycerin and egg yolks to the stain. After the stain getting dry, rinse with water. Apply glycerin to the stain. Sprinkle the spot with boric acid and dip it in boiling water to remove the stain. Use dilute ammonia, borax and lukewarm water to wipe, also can remove besmirch. If your clothes are wool mixed textiles, do not need to drop ammonia water, only use 10 % glycerine solution to wash can. Remove beer or other wine stains, and wash them with water. If old traces, then must be placed in borax solution with ammonia water added. Fresh fruit juice stains can be sprinkled with salt, gently moistened with water, then dipped in soapy water. For slight juice stains, wash with cold water, rinse until the clothes are clean. Those that are polluted heavily by fruit juices can be washed with soap to neutralize organic acids, using dilute ammonia (20 portions of ammonia water). Woolen clothes can be washed with tartaric acid. Silk can be washed with citric acid or with soap and alcohol solution. Tomato juice. Lemon acid solution + white wine tomato juice splashed on clothing. Follow CLEACE's removal of fruit juice stains tips, your trusty detergent powder supplier, with 5% citric acid solution with a small amount of white wine infiltration, can make juice stains color becomes shallow after fully washing can eliminate. Use the VC liquid. Take vitamin C pills in warm water to make a solution of vitamins, drop it on the clothing with tomatoes, after a while, the color of the juice will gradually fade away. Wash clothes in light salt water with soap and remove stains. Remove persimmon stains, rub together with a mixture of wine and brine, wash with soap and water, or rub together with 5% of diluted ammonia and detergent, then rinse with water. Silk fabrics are washed with 10% citric acid solution.  

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