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How to Prevent Clothes Dyeing?

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2017-08-10 15:24:01 1222 aogrand
The washing powder price  is cheap, so we all choose to use detergent to clean clothes, for convenience, can choose machine wash, wash mixed dyeing phenomenon most easily, so the prevention of clothing dyeing is need to find the method. Prevent clothing stains, as you'll see!

1、Bought the pure cotton clothing, especially the shirt and long sleeve clothes, soak in boiling water 20 minutes or so, this also clothes can be worn, also won't be worn easily, also prevent clothes to decolor. 2、The jeans is the most easy to fade, if really don't want to buy a faded jeans, can try to wipe gently with wet towel on jeans a, the color of the jeans not dye onto the wet paper towels, then illustrate this jeans don't decoloring, quality is better. However, decolorizing jeans are just beginning to be soaked with salt water and then rinsed with laundry detergent. 3、Especially the clothes of black type brunet department need to soak in brine first an hour or so, then wash the washing powder with ordinary wash clothes and wash the wash clean just can.  This will have a solid effect on the color of dark clothing. 4、Clothes can fade in the sun, so you need to turn your clothes inside, instead of exposing them to the sun, which will reduce the fading of the clothes. 5、You can add a bit of bleaching water when you wash your clothes, white clothes can be bleached, and colored clothes can be used for color bleaching.

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