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Dish Washing Liquid Has a Good Use

Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-12 17:31:07 1077 aogrand
Dish washing liquid can not only wash dishes but also wash fruit. In our impression, the dish washing liquid is used to wash POTS and pans. Some friends may find that the market also has "food and vegetables to wash" dish washing liquid. That's right. According to the new national standard "dish washing liquid" (GB 14931-2015) in September, the dish washing liquid is divided into two categories: Type A products: directly used for cleaning food; It is recommended to use concentrated detergent to contain high efficient clean ingredients from natural coconut oil and natural extracts from basil and aloe, which can quickly remove oil stains and dirt and protect both hands and skin. It’s important to choose the best dish washing liquid for your family.

Category B products: tools, equipment, containers and food packaging materials used to clean food and beverage equipment and contact food. In other words, dishwashing liquid with "A class A" on the packaging can also be used to wash fruit and vegetables. In fact, the cleaning principle of these two products is the same. However, class B products mainly remove oily dirt and class A products emphasize the removal of pesticide residues. In addition, product A is more stringent on the requirements of arsenic, heavy metal (lead), methanol and formaldehyde content.

Some tips for choosing and using cleanser:

1. Select the qualified dish washing liquid produced by regular enterprises

The label (or label) of the detergent label (or label) of the regular enterprise is clear (the pattern is accurate and not blurred), without the phenomenon of deinking. At the same time, the label (or bottle body) has the production license number, the production date, and the expiration date or the date of expiration. In addition, the use of instructions, the standard of execution, net content, factory name, site and other information will be clearly identified.

2. Try to avoid or use less dish washing liquid

For example, the pot of porridge, rice, if it is not greasy, there is no need to use detergent, just need to clean after use; As another example, some is not very greasy dishes, can use hot water washing directly, the same, some are too oily dishes can also wash with hot water first, then use the detergent, so as to reduce the use amount of detergent.

3. Minimize the amount of cleaning

For example, had better not to squeeze detergent directly on the tableware, can be in the first half bowl of water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent, and then used a dish cloth dipped in diluted detergent wash tableware, final reoccupy flow of water to remove residues on tableware detergent.

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