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How to Remove Oat Porridge Stains?

When people want to fuel up in the morning (or any time of day), oat porridge is always a great way to them for it's high in whole-grain fiber and protein and low in calories. If you stay away from the flavored instant packets, it's also sugar-free and in all oatmeal's forms — whole oat groats, steel cut, Scottish and rolled — the nutrition remains basically the same. It is said that a  bowl of oat porridge every morning could enable a long life span, and thus no wonder why oat porridge is so popular among the elderly. Chances are when enjoying your unique homemade recipe to prepare yourself for a tiring day’s tasks, you can probably encounter an annoying situation that the porridge finds its way onto your favorite shirt or dress. Don't worry, let CLEACE, one of the most popular washing powder brands of Aogrand Group, help you tackle this problem. DO NOT attempt to wipe away the stains that are wet or damp as this will spread the stain. When the stain is dry, gently scrape off the excess, being careful not to grind the particles into the fabric. Gently brush at the stain spot with small brush or toothbrush. Put a few drops of CLEACE liquid detergent or JOBY multiple soaps onto the stain, and rub it into the stain with your thumb and forefinger. Add a drop or two of water to the stain spot and briskly rub with brush or toothbrush on BOTH sides of the fabric, using circular motions. You may need to repeat these steps several times before the stain is completely gone. Wash the garment following all care guidelines on the tag. When cycle is completely finished, check the clothes carefully for any sign of the stain. If the stain remains, repeat the previous steps. NEVER dry clothes in a dryer if a stain remains as this will set the stain, which will then be nearly impossible to remove. ALWAYS read the label on your garment to determine proper washing instructions. It is generally a good idea to wash stained clothes separately from another laundry to avoid spreading the stain to other clothes. If the stain is on a delicate fabric such as silk or wool, or if the garment is designated as dry-clean only, take the item to a professional cleaner. For help finding reputable cleaners in your area, contact us. Always read and follow all directions the product offered carefully, making certain that the product is appropriate for the fabric you have in mind.  

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