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What Exactly Kind of Washing Powder Can be Chosen?

2019-07-26 15:08:34 1563 aogrand

Washing powder is one of the essential household detergents because it is so cleansing that many housewives use it to mop floors and even wash dishes in addition to washing clothes. Is this a good use or a bad use? What exactly kind of washing powder can be chosen?

Today, washing powder has more and more various functions, including adding enzymes, whitening, etc. However we suggest that we still choose a single type of washing powder with few additives. For instance, CLEACE Aantibacterial washing powder can be a reliable and deliberate choice. The difference between CLEACE Aantibacterial washing powder and other ordinary washing powder is that it is made of natural cold-pressed lemon or blueberry oil, thus you can smell the natural fruit flavor, making the fragrance of clothes lasting for a long time. In addition, it also bears environmental protection, fast dissolution, phosphorus free, cleansing and other characteristics, which is mainly due to the fact that CLEACE Aantibacterial washing powder consists of many components, such as natural lemon or blueberry oil, biodegradable natural coconut oil and so on.

If you're bothered by all kinds of grease and stains on your clothes, please trust CLEACE Aantibacterial washing powder with clothes of the whole family. The blueberry perfumed is the latest model among CLEACE washing powder. The new highly effective stain remover not only makes clothes more comfortable, but also protects your skin. It contains natural ingredients, no added bleach, fluorescence and other harmful substances. Besides, the line of CLEACE washing powder offers different fragrances. Thereinto, the lemon perfumed is in great demand and is favored preferably by housewives due to fresh fragrance. It is relatively benign, which does not hurt hands or irritate clothes without residual stains. In addition, it can be applied to a wide range of clothing materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, woolen children's clothing and even underwear, which can thoroughly clean the stains and bring you a clean and comfortable feeling. What’s more, CLEACE washing powder has full specifications. Each package for 25kg is the maximum, 30g the minimum. This, after all, is one way of doing it, if you are scheduled for short-term travelling or a business trip.

It is important to note that if washing powder is not rinsed properly, there is likely to be a small amount of residue on the undergarments, which may cause skin diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose an environmentally friendly and non-additive washing powder to reduce the harm on human body. Made of extremely environmentally friendly materials and strongly bactericidal, CLEACE Aantibacterial washing powder is the best choice for home life.

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