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The Higher the Temperature for the Laundry, the Better?

Laundry Lquid soap washing powder
2017-07-25 10:32:42 1318 aogrand


 The water temperature of the laundry is not as hot as possible. Commonly used in a variety of enzyme-containing detergent, which is mainly alkaline enzyme alkaline protease and alkaline lipase. Alkaline protease for the decomposition of protein contaminants, such as perspiration, blood stains and so on. Alkaline lipase mainly acts on fatty acids and their esters, which is commonly referred to as oil. The activity of the two enzymes is related to temperature, and about 40 ° C is the most suitable. Excessive or too low temperature will reduce the activity of the enzyme. Second, the protein has a denaturing effect. Its significant feature is the protein coagulation, significantly reduced solubility, egg coagulation after solidification is an example. One of the conditions that causes denaturation is high temperature. The protein on the clothes will also be the same. So, if the water temperature is too high during laundry, it will degrade on the fabric fiber above, and thus more difficult to wash.


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