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The Washing Methods of Silk Clothes

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2017-09-23 10:05:30 1356 aogrand
Silk clothes are more delicate, when washing, you will lose the beauty and softness of your clothes. Silk clothes of superior quality are expensive, wear on the body very high grade, appear the person noble have a grade. Such expensive clothes should be carefully cleaned, which can damage clothes easily. According to the characteristics of silk clothes, we can use special laundry detergent , manual cleaning and other methods to clean. Let’s do a quick introduction.

The washing of silk clothes:

Use neutral soap or soap powder for washing light colored silk clothes, and dark silk clothes are not suitable for soap or soap powder, otherwise, soap will appear. Gently knead the soft wash. Diction when catharsis must not use boiling, and the application under 40 ℃ warm water dissolves soap powder or liquid detergent, and then put clothes after immersion in a solvent with a hand gently scrub, cannot brush with washboard and board. Wash with clean water after washing. In order to protect the color of the clothes, you can put a basin of water in the water after washing, and add 2 or 3 drops of vinegar to the water, take out 5 minutes, and hang the back in the shade. When dry, cover with a white cloth and iron. The thin silk blouse and dress are mostly washable. Silk shirt and dress should be changed frequently because the silk is protein fiber, the juice stain stick time long easy to combine with protein, not easy to clean. Clothes made of brocade, antique satin, satin gold and silk fabrics should be dry-cleaned.

The collection of silk garments:

When collecting silk clothes, a few mothballs should be put into the box. White or light-colored silk clothing should not be used to put more camphor balls, otherwise, clothes can be yellowed. Weaving brocade and other knitwear and cashmere clothing should be kept in the closet. Other clothes should be separated by dark light and should not be stored together.

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