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Dish Washing Liquid
2017-09-16 18:22:36 1090 aogrand
Dish washing liquid is common people eat three meals a day without washing supplies, put a little bowl chopsticks wash not clean, put more foam wash not clean, also can rival skin damage, is more terrible of detergent surfactants, if irrigation is not complete, attached to the tableware, has a lot of hidden hazards. Should dish washing liquid use it? How to choose the best dish washing liquid for your family? Dish washing liquid designed mainly for tableware, fruit, and vegetables, etc, also can clean the kitchen a few instruments (such as cooking utensils, etc.), many metals, enamel, ceramic, plastic type of equipment can be used. Detergent can also wash clothes of local parts (such as a dirty shirt collar, etc.), but not textile detergent washing objects, because the detergent with a certain amount of oxidant is used to disinfect, will have a negative impact on some textiles, may appear bit color, color, and even damage accident. So remove some white cotton, hemp fabrics, and chemical fiber textiles, dish washing liquid should not be used to wash clothes.

You should pay attention to the following points when choosing cleaning products. Pay attention to the difference between dish washing liquid and general detergent. The dish washing liquid should clearly meet the national standard (CB9985 dish washing liquid) on product packaging and trademarks and indicate its practical use. Frequently change the purchase of a different brand of tableware washing detergent. It is helpful to compare the various brand and performance effects. At the same time, all kinds of tableware detergents have different bactericidal action, which is beneficial to cleaning and disinfection. Through the actual trial, master its performance. In the trial, notice that the product should have a moderate foam, with strong oil pollution ability, safe and non-toxic, moderate alkalinity, not stimulating the human skin, pleasant and easy to wash. Recognize the registered trademark, product name, and manufacturer, and pay attention to whether the trademark and packaging are printed with the hygiene license number, the product performance, and the use method, etc., which conform to the national technical standards. It is best to choose the products of the brand. If you buy the detergent in bulk, it is better to buy authentic brand name products to ensure the quality and avoid the false and inferior products. Check the internal quality of the product. To observe the color of its emulsion first, whether colorless or yellowish, the liquid should be uniform and not stratified, with transparency, and smell its fragrance. If the liquid is cloudy or has precipitation, the separation layer, and the strange odor, the product quality does not meet the technical requirement or the factory time too long, may have gone bad, not suitable to buy. With all that said, I highly recommend that you use our CLEACE dish washing liquid. Our dish washing liquid formula is completely harmless. Choosing us is the equivalent of buying insurance for your health.

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