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How to Fold Your Clothes Without Wrinkles?

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2017-11-13 13:51:15 1142 aogrand
Most people will encounter clothes that haven't been worn in a long time. They will be wrinkled and wrinkled from the wardrobe. They will not only appear to be very untemperamental but also very lack of spirit. What are the reasons for this? Why does it wrinkle like that? In fact, many of us don't pay attention to the maintenance of clothes in our daily life, the clothes that have been washed are folded into the cabinet, which causes the phenomenon of clothes folding. So, how do we fold clothes without folding? As one of soap powder suppliershere are a few possibilities for clothing wrinkles, hoping to bring convenience to you.

Fold your clothes to avoid wrinkles

Always fold your clothes and keep your clothes in order! To understand why clothes are wrinkled, the main thing is to be crushed in the wrong way. So try to avoid that. So, try to fold your clothes in order, preferably in a plastic bag, between clothes and clothing. When pressed, the plastic cushions some of the pressure and also slows the friction between the material. It's slippery and it's not easy to create. Other pants can be rolled up and rolled over the used plastic wrap. Pack tightly in a plastic bag. That's because there's no dead crimp, so it won't be a problem even if it's pinned down. (this method is especially suitable for cotton wool). For a tie, if you have a crease you can screw it up with a bottle of wine and put it in one night.


1. The clothes are wrinkled. The best way to do this is to use an iron and put it on the ironing board. If there is no iron, please see other entries. 2. The clothes in the suitcase are wrinkled when you go on a business trip. Soak the water in a bubble and hang it to dry. If the condition is not allowed, use your hand to extend it and hang it overnight. 3. The clothes are wrinkled and there is no electric iron. If it's not urgent, just dip it in the water, then don't wring it and dry it directly. If you are in a hurry to wear it, use a flat mug (preferably a metal cup) to heat it up, fill it with boiling water, and use it like an iron.

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